Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hey There! The First Post of Many...

  Hey there, readers! First of all, let me thoroughly thank you for visiting my blog. Here at "Mean, Green, Clean-Eating Teen", I hope you find yourself quite happy you visited!

  For a first post, I think I should talk about what this blog is and will be about!
  As a highschool student, I feel as if I have earned a little gold star in terms of lifestyle. Completely, full heartedly and passionately, I am a HUGE health nut! I eat a diet (the noun, not the verb!) that is 100% 'Clean'.
  Now, what exactly is this whole Clean Eating thing I speak of? Well, simply put I only prepare and consume foods that are unprocessed, whole, and true to nature. Basically, if it didn't have a mother or grow from the dirt, I stay FAR away from it! I will post some links so that you can learn more about the whole Clean Eating definition.
  I am the girl eating a lunch of avocado and homemade wheat bread while my peers scarf down slimy pizza; I'll be the first to suggest we run another lap at the track. And this is what my blog is all about! I will post a variety of fun stuff, from recipes and workouts, to updates on my daily life and goals ( currently I am training for a 5K!) And of course, what would a good health blog be without crazy stories that leading a Fitness based lifestyle holds?
  And don't worry, by the way... I DONT plan on only writing about the good, " perfect" side of things! I wouldn't want to read something I didn't feel was real, and nor do I expect you.
  I would also like to add that this blog is open for EVERYONE to read, no matter who or where you are health wise. You don't have the eat Clean as I do- though I do recommended it, I understand that not everyone can be led astray from their usual diet so easily. It doesn't matter a bit if you're a hardcore Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, I-Dont-Care-I-Just-Want-My-Cake, exc. fan! This blog is open to any opinion and chum out there.
  That being said, I do want to help people GROW as healthy individuals. Are you someone who's never exercised a day in your life, but want to take the first step? I am here totally for advice and support. Or maybe your already an athlete that is just looking for some common ground to read. Heck, "Clean-Eating Teen" can do just that!
  I am so excited to start his blogging journey ans seeing where it leads. Please message me more ideas for what I could do. Also, feel free to leave a link if you too have a blog, for I would love to check it out!
See you soon,
Here are those links I mentioned!

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Unknown said...

haha, I-DONT-CARE-I-JUST-WANT-MY-CAKE. :) I love your blog Nat Nat:)