Wednesday, August 20, 2014

*CoHost* WOW Linkup 8/20/14


Diatta Harris
Femme Fitale Fit Club
Sheila Simmons
The Frugal Exerciser


Sheila Simmons
The Frugal Exerciser

Videos and Posts I'm Loving

Tim always has something interesting to say. Plus its fun to see what other fitness enthusiasts eat.

LOVE THIS. To ANYONE who has told a women, "Don't get too muscular!"

Gluten free and vegan POPTARTS. Yes, you read that correctly.

Love you Linda! I totally think you will reach stardom as a Youtuber.

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Unknown said...

omg! you also watch Tim Bouldovowhateverhisnameis? Me too! I watch competitive eating sometimes when I'm bored.