Sunday, December 9, 2012

2 Ingredient Salad Dressing+End of Elf for Health Round 1

Hey there!
  If you are participating in Elf for Health, than you know one of our recent challenges was to make our own dressing for a salad.
  I long ago let go of store bought dressings (I don't want to eat ingredients I can't pronounce!) And have been dressing my salad with regular basalmic vinegar. However, after seeing some recipes and ideas online, I came to the conclusion that I should do some experimentation in honor of the days challenge...
  Thus, this 2 ingredient dressing was born! It was so easy. All I did was:
1) Take a spoon of Sabra hummus
2) Mix with my basalmic vinegar until creamy
3) Dressed and ate my salad!
  I actually feel pretty puny sharing this recipe on here, but it was just so simple and so good I decided I'd throw it out there.
Scrumptious salad with dressing!!
  Today is a bit of a sad day, however, as it marks the end of round one of Elf for Health. I've really enjoyed having my elf Kristen with me as motivation and support. She is incredibly strong and determined. I was always so inspired by her, knowing that if she could find time to finish the daily challange, so could I! I am going to miss having her as my elf buddy. But I am sure we can still keep connected through Twitter and email :-)
  I suppose there is always a flip side though. There are many aspects of Elf for Health round two that I am still extreamly excited for. The fact that even MORE people will be participating this time around is awesome!! The joy and strength brought from this event should be shared with as many as possible. Also, it will be lots of fun to again meet another elf who I will stay in touch with for the next two weeks . So whoever the stars destined for my next elf... I hope they are reading this to know we will totally rock it!!
  If you have been participating in Elf for Health, what have been your favorite parts? Are you happy for round two to be starting? Also, if you are just getting into the event or have not signed up (which you totally should!!), what are you expecting ??
See you soon,

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