Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Elf for Health Holiday Challange!

  Hey there guys!
  I know it has been months since I posted last, and I do feel awful for it. I don't really have an excuse other than getting off task even when I promise myself to start up a new post! This aside though... I am determined to start this blog back up!
  Recently I have been very inspired by a challenge I'm participating in, called Elf for Health! Its being ran by two great girls and bloggers, Lindsay and Elle. They've really put together a fantastic activity that helps everyone stay on track through these hectic holidays.
  Basically, you are assigned an 'elf' that you email twice weekly and also can stay connected with through other media sites (I am connected with mine, Kristen, through twitter!). These awesome pals are there to support you and give you someone to exchange recipes, motivation, workout ideas, ext with. You also have your elves to help make sure you are keeping up with the daily Elf for Health challenges!
  Each day, there is an assigned 'challenge' to accomplish- keeping track of fiber intake, taking a few minuets to meditate! They all are super fun, and once you are connected with other elves through Facebook, Twitter , Tumblr , ext, the party really gets going as people are constantly posting motivation, updates and pictures!

Here is a picture I posted of my dinner one night: Lentils with veggies, topped with some cilantro and tomato!

  There are also prizes awarded at the end of each round and a grand prize overall. More information on Elf for Health can be found here along with dates for the next rounds to sign up for if you have not already.
  I really hope that even more people sign up for this event (there's already over 900!) so that they can also share the joy it has brought me to see so many complete strangers connect to one another, being so determined and setting aside time to participate in this. I've been so inspired and have had so much fun, I finally got the nerve again to sit down and start blogging again! With all the new foodies, yogis, and other healthy people I am meeting from Elf for Health, maybe Clean Eating Teen will gain more readership !
   Tell me if you join the challenge, or if you have any questions about what all I've done thus far.
   See you soon,

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