Thursday, December 6, 2012

Where Do You Workout?

  Nowadays, options for exercise are so many and so varied. You've not only got your conventional gyms, but more and more specialized and themed fitness centers are popping up! Areas specially designed for things ranging from Zumba or Barre to the more... exotic (pole fitness anyone?)

  Even yoga studios are becoming more 'advanced', in ways like introducing sweaty classes in hot rooms or playing modern music in the background. Some classes even offer fusions of Pilates and weights!
  And of course we can't forget the most obvious (and budget friendly!) locations to exercise- in your home or the great outdoors. Pop in a nice Jillian Michaels DVD (here's a link to the workout online!) or look up some fantastic YouTube trainers (my favorites include Blogilates, Davey Wavey, Befit, and many more!) and you can workout in the comfort of your living room. Or, hit the pavement for a nice run or go to a park for some bodyweight training.
Oh Jillian... how I love you.
  I have been to an actual yoga studio a time or two, and Ive been to a gym many times. I've tried Crossfit and quite like it, going to the free workouts that my local area holds a few times a month. However, I almost always workout at home. I am a HUGE fan of the Youtube fitness community, and they are basically who I credit for getting me interested in fitness in the first place, and building my fitness level up over time.
  Flashback two years, and I couldn't do a pushup to save my LIFE. I remember the P.E. teachers would always chuckle when I could barely whip out half of one during our exams, and I would honestly laugh along thinking that progress for me would be impossible! There were many videos which left me absolutley winded that I can actually accomplish now, tons of moves that I had to use the beginner variations on (down-down-up-up pushups, V-sit ups, sometimes jumping jacks!) that I am able to currently do in more advanced ways.
  Without these videos, I would never have become the person I am today. There are of course still those who are way stronger, faster, and fitter than I am, but overall I am more confidant when I have to jog or do other physical things around others.
  Basically, what I wanted to get at with this post is that it does not necessarily matter "how" or "where" you are getting your sweat on, but more importantly that you ARE moving your body daily in a way that is most pleasing or accomidating to you and your needs.
   If your favorite thing is to meet with a trainer at your gym, go for it! If a membership to a location isnt exactly looking great with your pocketbook, hit up the internet, look up different moves, and workout at home or outside. Or, better yet, find places that offer free workout around you! Usually community centers have free classes, and sometimes you can score deals at gyms or studios for being a new member.
So tell me... where do YOU workout? Do you do it for ease of access, pleasure, because of funds?
Also, feel free to let me know of any awesome classes I should consider trying, a super hard DVD you love, or a Youtuber you want to expose. I will gladly try me best to try your suggestions and do reveiws on them!
See you soon,

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