Sunday, December 15, 2013

Stuffed Garlic Serrano Tomato Chicken Breast

Yum yum!! Today it is time for another recipe, Clean Eaters.

A while ago I posted a delicious looking picture on my Facebook and Instagram...

Oh yes. Come to mama. 

Remember when I went to the Metrocooking Dallas Expo? Well, besides meeting Bobby Dean and his wonderful wife Claudia, I also had the opportunity to meet Uncle Millie and sample some of his awesome hot sauces!

I purchased his Garlic Serrano hot sauce. It's not too spicy, but it definitely gives your taste buds a kick! Not only is it a great dip or condiment, but I thought it also would be useful in cooking. So thus, a recipe was born!

Anyhow, now is time for the delicious -and uh, SUPER crazy easy- recipe for these Stuffed Garlic Serrano Tomato Chicken Breast!

Funny story. My best friend Taylor  came over while I was making these. I told her on her way here "I'm making lunch!", and she had sweetly replied to not worry because she ate something before she left the house.

Ha. Well, that story changed once the wonderful smell of herbs and tomato filled the house. Lets just say we both chowed down on these once the oven timer went off!

I stuffed one breast with just onion and pepper for my sister, who turns her nose up to greens and such. But this recipe is for stuffing for two breasts!

Stuffed Garlic SerranoTomato Chicken Breast:
Yields 3-4 servings (2 stuffed breasts)

2 medium-large chicken breast, pounded flat. (Preferably free range!)
2 cups chopped baby spinach
5 TBSP tomato paste, unsalted
1/3 cup tomato, diced
1/2 cup chopped bell pepper
1/2 cup chopped onion
2 oz feta cheese (optional. I left this out due to lactose intolerance but it would be great otherwise!!)
2 TBSP + 1 TSP herbs de province
TBSP chile powder
TBSP+ 1/2 TSP garlic powder
1/3 cup+ 2 TSP Uncle Millie's Garlic Serrano hot sauce
Sea salt and black pepper to taste
Toothpicks (for cooking)

1) Preheat the oven to 350.

Here is the fun part!! Pound out your chicken breast, preferably with a meat tenderizer. I, uh, obviously misplaced mine so I had to improvise... but it still got the job done!

Season these on both sides with 2 TBSP of the herbs, TBSP of garlic powder, and TBSP of chile powder and salt and pepper, and the 2 TSP of Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce.

Go ahead. Take out all your anger on these chickens. They taste wonderful regardless.

2) For your stuffing, mix the tomato, onion, bell pepper, spinach, and feta (optional) with your tomato paste. Toss in the remaining seasoning and salt and pepper to taste. Add in the 1/3 cup of hot sauce too!

3) Lay out your chicken breast and carefully divide the mix evenly between the two. You may think you have too much... but you don't want to leave any out! The veggies cook down. You want to try to fit all you can into the chicken.

4) After laying the stuffing on the breast, take the two sides, and "roll" (or at least, connect the two sides) as best you can, and use tooth picks to hold the whole thing together.

5) Transfer the stuffed breasts into a shallow glass container. Cover with foil and bake in the oven for about 45 minutes.

And voila! Here you have it. These chicken breasts are not only yummy, but are EASY, and healthy. They take care of a need for a spicy flavor without it being too overpowering. If you tend to like more of a mild spice, feel free to use less. Or, crank up the heat and use a bit more (or toss in some cayenne or red pepper flakes) to really take things up a notch!!

It really takes no time at all to prepare a wholesome meal for your family. Multiply the recipe as needed to fit your household, and you can have dinner done in an hour flat!

What have you been cooking lately? 
Do you like spicy foods? What is your favorite hot sauce? 


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