Friday, February 21, 2014


Howdy Clean Eaters!

I recently got a gym membership and have been loving it. Today I wanted to share with you a leg workout that I just did this week. It will be on my next Week of Workouts too, but figured I would share it in a "workout" format!

For this workout, you will need access to:
TRX (or other means of stability for the single leg squats, if needed)
Leg Curl Machine

This workout will really make your legs feel like JELLO after!

ES= Each Side

Foot Elevated Lunge: Also called Bulgarian Split Lunge. Place the back foot on top of a bench so it is elevated and lunge as normal. 

The rest of the moves you can look up or just ask in the comments if you're confused!!

What workout has made you feel like JELLO lately?


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