Monday, August 13, 2012

The Olympics are Over, But Your Motivation Will Thrive!

   No one can deny the talent that has been broadcast these last 16 days.

   I've been hearing non stop how these games have prompted even the laziest of people to get off their hinies and get moving! The Olympic-styled workouts, magazine articles, pictures and quotes have been circulating the interwebs and media like no other. We basically have been in a trap of those legendary Five Rings, where the hiding places are few if any! But even though we leave London behind tonight, this in NO WAY means the new found motivation should vanish too!
    Okay, so let's say you have found a way to squirm around the office hype and magazine covers, to flip the channel when you see the Games being covered. Hey, that's alright! Don't feel bad for not wanting to tune in this year; just as many Earthlings haven't had much of an interest in the happening as those that did. But certainly, you can't help but admire the sheer effort our competitors have obviously put into making their way to the top!
    The ten hour training days, the strict meal plans, the blood, sweat, and tears of the Olympic athletes practically demands respect. I love to exercise daily and eat right, don't get me wrong... but to spend half my day in the pool or on the track? That's something else! So I have to say that I have definitely been inspired these past few weeks. I noticed that on my runs or weight lifting reps, I had a voice yelling in my head " You think this is burning?! Michael Phelps works harder then this! Come ooon!"     So ultimately, the question is this... will this just be another typical 'goal achieving' let down for all these newly excited people? We have heard the story over and over, in many forms and fashions; something happens in our lives that practically slathers us in determination, and for a good while our motivation is running on SUPER CHARGED!! We make a bet to loose weight, we read an amazing book, we watch the Olympics! So many different ways to suddenly become overwhelmed with inspiration. But as time passes, and the workouts get tough, the time gets crunched, that KFC is looking a whole lot better than that squash... uh, yeah. Life tends to get in the way! We start making excuses to justify our actions of rebellion from our goal, and before we know it we give up all together. This is exactly what I DONT want to happen! Not this time, not EVER again. Here are a few tips and tricks to stay motivated and STICK to your goal ( no matter what it is!) even after the initial fire cools.


1) Make an inspiration board. It doesn't have to be anything big or fancy... maybe its a few quotes on the front of a journal, some pictures pasted on poster board, or even your desktop background! No matter what it is, make sure it has things that are meaningful to YOU. This could be the bikini you're tempted to wear next summer, an piece of jewelry you are saving for, a new video game... anything to keep you reminded of what you want! Put this in a place you see every day, preferably multiple times a day.

  2) Get some new attire. This mainly applies to those goals that are more fitness orientated, but can be adjusted for anything. If you are trying to finish an essay or a novel, for example, perhaps investing in a new computer (or heck, computer pad, mouse, ext) could perk you up enough to complete that sucka! Basically what this rule means, is that, hey... people dig new stuff. It is basically our human nature to want to constantly evolve, and we tend to tire of the same-old-same after a while. A new sports bra from Lululemon or some new headphones to record with might be just what you need to finish your project.

3) Spread the word...get a fan club. Everything is better when there are people rooting for you, right? Don't be afraid to share your goals with others. They should not think you are bragging; in fact, they should be happy that you are trying to better yourself! This way, the more people who know about your desires, the louder your support group gets! Another easy way to find a 'fan club' is to surround yourself with those having the same interest as you. Find yourself an accountable gym buddy, someone you know won't skimp out on you and can stay committed. Or perhaps you could enroll in an actual fitness class, or log onto blogs and websites in which people of your specific thoughts get together and communicate! When you know you've got people expecting something great out of you, the less likely you are to lack in effort.

4) Take a break! Yes, you read that right. Sometimes the best rejuvenation for our motivation is giving ourselves a little time off from a task. Take the day to try something new, like rock climbing or hiking, or to spend time with family and friends. Even treating yourself to a massage could work wonders! Anything that gets your mind off what you have been so diligently working on and that makes you happy is acceptable here. I guarantee that this off time is usually just what you need to revamp your game face, and the days after will be filled with new found passion.

5) When in doubt, remember why you started. On some days when I feel completely out of the zone and want to just to anything but what I SHOULD, I think of this quote. Why did I want to get fit in the first place? To be happier with myself and my athletic abilities. Why in the world did I start this homework? So that I don't flunk math and ultimately live in a UPS box. Hey, laugh all you want, but these little "pause and think" moments really work! They can trigger the feelings you had when you first started your journey, and that little rush alone is usually enough to make you not want and terminate the mission.

   I think that, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter WHAT we are motivated by, but more how we respond to it. I mean... everyone in the world could be inspired by Michael Phelps' new world record, or Usain Bolt's insane speed and agility. But, there are only a few who can actually say they got up and did something about their feelings! I know that if the above basic principles are applied, and you really are determined, that anything is reachable. So go on out there and win that gold!

See you soon,

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hey There! The First Post of Many...

  Hey there, readers! First of all, let me thoroughly thank you for visiting my blog. Here at "Mean, Green, Clean-Eating Teen", I hope you find yourself quite happy you visited!

  For a first post, I think I should talk about what this blog is and will be about!
  As a highschool student, I feel as if I have earned a little gold star in terms of lifestyle. Completely, full heartedly and passionately, I am a HUGE health nut! I eat a diet (the noun, not the verb!) that is 100% 'Clean'.
  Now, what exactly is this whole Clean Eating thing I speak of? Well, simply put I only prepare and consume foods that are unprocessed, whole, and true to nature. Basically, if it didn't have a mother or grow from the dirt, I stay FAR away from it! I will post some links so that you can learn more about the whole Clean Eating definition.
  I am the girl eating a lunch of avocado and homemade wheat bread while my peers scarf down slimy pizza; I'll be the first to suggest we run another lap at the track. And this is what my blog is all about! I will post a variety of fun stuff, from recipes and workouts, to updates on my daily life and goals ( currently I am training for a 5K!) And of course, what would a good health blog be without crazy stories that leading a Fitness based lifestyle holds?
  And don't worry, by the way... I DONT plan on only writing about the good, " perfect" side of things! I wouldn't want to read something I didn't feel was real, and nor do I expect you.
  I would also like to add that this blog is open for EVERYONE to read, no matter who or where you are health wise. You don't have the eat Clean as I do- though I do recommended it, I understand that not everyone can be led astray from their usual diet so easily. It doesn't matter a bit if you're a hardcore Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, I-Dont-Care-I-Just-Want-My-Cake, exc. fan! This blog is open to any opinion and chum out there.
  That being said, I do want to help people GROW as healthy individuals. Are you someone who's never exercised a day in your life, but want to take the first step? I am here totally for advice and support. Or maybe your already an athlete that is just looking for some common ground to read. Heck, "Clean-Eating Teen" can do just that!
  I am so excited to start his blogging journey ans seeing where it leads. Please message me more ideas for what I could do. Also, feel free to leave a link if you too have a blog, for I would love to check it out!
See you soon,
Here are those links I mentioned!