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Hey there Clean Eaters (or Paleo, Vegans, IIFYM...I'm open to it all!). My name is Natalie Wester, a teenager from Texas with a passion for fitness and health. 

I started my journey to health at a young age. I have always had a very sensitive stomach, and cut out red meat from my diet in 4th grade. When this simple trick made a HUGE difference, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more.

Middle school came around and like most girls, I became conscious of my body. I began to use Youtube videos to workout a few days a week, a half hour at a time. I also used magazine advice and avoided things like fat, salt, and simply started to count calories. Special K and fake yogurts, snacks, reduced fat peanut butter, Nutella... oh man, I fell victim to it all! I was in a mindset that calories were the only thing that mattered, and these supposedly called "health foods" were the way to go. Boy... was I wrong!

I quickly became obsessed with calorie tracking, excessive cardio and exercise. Because I only cared about calories, my body responded very badly to the cycles of bad food and chemicals it was receiving. I initially lost weight, of course... but the processed items and constant stress on my body eventually resulted in weight gain and depression. 

I finally decided that ENOUGH was ENOUGH. I was tired of being fatigued all the time, and never liking what I saw in the mirror.

I ditched the magazines and picked up actual, science based books. I explored the internet and filtered through the logic and nonsense (a process that continues in the nutrition world, might I point out!) and basically educated myself on REAL food, nutrition, and fitness.

I have learned that honestly, everyone is different when it comes to their health. One way of eating is NOT for everyone. Just because some people function perfectly without meat or carbs, does not mean that their neighbors do too!

I think that the most important thing in ANYONE'S diet (diet as in LIFESTYLE. I don't like short term, fad 'diets') is a focus on consumption of real, whole foods.  

An ingredients list should not be a mile long and have words you can't pronounce. You should be EATING the ingredients... fresh vegetables, fruit, humanely raised meat and dairy. Your "food" should not be composed of fake versions of these ingredients.

Fitness wise, I learned the important of LIFTING HEAVY WEIGHTS! I too was a cardio bunny once. Now, I know that steady state cardio is to be ditched... in with the HIIT!

By no means have I completed my journey in health and fitness. But I know that I am for sure on the right path!

I created this blog as a way to connect with others who also love health and fitness. After spending years reading other blogs, I was ready to make my own!

I love talking with others and meeting new people. If you have a story you would like to share on my blog, would be interested in guest posting, or just want to chat... please feel free to contact me!


Email: cleanteen1@gmail.com



Femme Fitale Fit Club said...

I'm sharing this with my 12-year old daughter. She has recently decided to go vegetarian and avoid red meat at all costs.

Unknown said...

That's fantastic!! I actually had planned initially to go vegetarian, but realized I really only needed to cut out red meat. I'm so excited for her! Let me know how it goes :)