Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week of Workouts #27

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30 minute battle ropes!


AM: 16 minute tabata

Bench: warm up, 70x3

DB row: 30x8,6,6

DB shoulder press: 20sx8,6,6
Single arm chest cable fly: 3x10 10#

T bar row: 75x12, 80x8 82.5x6,6?
Pushups incline: same reps

DB chest press: 25sx3x8
single arm db shoulder press: 3x8 ES 15#

Back rows, hang clean, push press: 65x3 rounds

Back squat: warm up, 110x3-4x2
Deadlift: warmup, 135x4-5x3
Front squat: 45x5, 65x4x3

BSL: 10 ES 60# totalx2

Back lunge, single leg deadlift, side lunge: 2x6 ES 30#

I recently tried a tabata style HIIT, and loved it! I did two 16 minute sessions today, one before school and one after. I also did bicep and triceps work and abs.

AM: 30 minutes yoga

My gal pal Staci was at the gym this afternoon, so we chatted and she showed me a few new movements to add in for future workouts. So sore!

Bench press burnout: AMRAP decreasing weight, 65# down to the bar, wide grip bar AMRAP x2 rounds

10 minute TABATA style:
Attach rope to pully. 35# pull back one arm at a time, release one arm at a time.

Facepulls: 35#x3x10
DB shoulder pess 15# and 20#x 3 rounds

Single arm DB press: 25# dbsx8x2-3
Single arm DB shoulder press: 15#x8x2-3

Single arm
Barbell row: 65-70#x10,10,8,6x4-5?

Back squat: 45x5, 65x4, 85x4 90x4 95x3x4
Deadlift: (messy reps!): warmup, 160x2-3, 160x2-3
Front squat: 45x5 65x3x4

I was. so. dead.

Single leg squat with TRX: 2x5 ES


AM: 16 minute Tabata

PM: Light yoga 

How have you worked out this week?

Natalie NGYY

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