Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Ah, yes! It is that time of the week again!

Sometimes, I forget to take pictures of the food I am eating. Whoops... lesson learned though, so I am definitely trying harder to snap a photo before I dig in.

Habits are becoming established as a blogger, and soon I am sure I will be one of weirdos everyone hears about that exclaims "Hold on! I have to post this on Instagram before we eat!!" Oh man. I wonder how I will be able to pull this off once school starts? I can just see myself, sitting around my friends, and getting extremely odd looks when I slyly peek my phone camera out from under the table.

The life of a health blogger, I'm telling ya.


What is becoming a staple for me... banana protein pancakes, and a slice of Applegate Farms Organic Turkey Bacon! With peanut butter...


Some friends of mine and my mothers gave us some home made chickpea salad. Reminds me of the 3-Bean Salad found at the salad bar at Jason's Deli... has anyone else been there?

It had chickpeas, red onion, cucumber, celery, and some red bell pepper. I am pretty sure the dressing was some kind of vinegar, probably balsamic, with olive oil. I also tasted spices such as dill. Ill ask for the recipe and make some soon, so I can share it with you guys! ;)

Accompanying the beans was some watermelon. My momma brough it from her work. Her boss goes to his local farmers market and gets tons of stuff to share with the employs, so score for us!


A new chicken recipe!! Coming soon to a blog near you (ahem, this one.) ;)

What have you been eating lately?


Monday, July 29, 2013

Squashy Chicks... Just read the recipe!

If you have read my posts before, you are probably aware that I am not exactly a huge meat eater. Not saying that eating meat is bad, just that my system feels ran down and sluggish when I eat animal products.
That being said, I seriously LOVE legumes. Lentils, pinto beans, black beans... they are by FAR my favorite source of protein.

Growing up in the south, both I and past generations were raised on having a big pot of pinto's with some corn bread for dinner a few nights a week. I still enjoy having a bowl of plain beans, with nothing else in the mixture... however, I do frequently take the time to be creative and try to break out of the down home cookin', plain East Texas suppers. ;)

Here is where this recipe came in... I've read lentil recipes that call for vegetables, and usually vegan chiles and soups call for beans with the accompany of fruits and/ or veggies. So why not create a little version of my own?

You'll get the title once you read the ingredients... no baby chicks were squashed in the making of this meal!

Squashy Chicks
Yields 5 servings 

1 large zucchini squash
1 large pattypan squash (or other soft squash)
1 cup kale, chopped
3 large tomatoes, chopped
1/2 cup chopped carrots
1/2 cup chopped bell pepper (I used orange)
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup mushrooms, chopped
1 lb dry chickpeas
3 bay leafs
1 TBSP chile powder
1/2 TBSP cumin powder
1 TSP black pepper
1/2 small can tomato paste, unsalted
1) QUICK SOAK the chickpeas by bringing them to a boil in regular water for 3 minutes. Turn heat off, cover, and let sit for at least an hour. 

2) Drain the beans, and put them in fresh water that covers them about an inch above. Add your spices, bay leafs, and bring to a low boil. Cover for an hour.

3) Chop up your harder veggies (so not the tomatoes) first, and add to the pot! 

4) Bring the boil up a bit, place in the harder vegetables, and cover for about 20 minutes. 

5) Add the tomatoes and the tomato paste, and stir well. Cover again for another 10 minutes.

6) Make sure all your vegetables are soft, then add your kale and cover again to let steam, about 5 minutes. Stir the mix of beans and vegetables up and enjoy!

This recipe does take a bit of prep work, but overall I found it pretty easy. You could try it with canned chickpeas but I am not sure if it would taste the same.

Try this recipe out, and tell me how you like it!

What are your favorite ways to enjoy beans?


Friday, July 26, 2013

Sauteed Mustard Basil Shrimp

I already posted about the importance of buying WILD CAUGHT sea food over farmed. This recipe was totally inspired by having the availability to cook with fresh shrimp straight from the coast!

I still had some leftover (frozen) from last time I cooked shrimp. And since our grill still isn't working... I knew I wanted to pan cook these, preferably saute them.

A strong marinade actually paired really well with this! I was pleasantly surprised.

Sauteed Mustard Basil Shrimp 
Yields 2 servings 

2 tbsp mustard
1 lb medium-large shrimp
1 TBSP garlic powder
1/3 cup unsalted chicken stock
2 fresh basil leaves, chopped
1 cup broccoli (i used frozen, defrosted)
3 tomatoes, chopped
1/3 onion, chopped
2 TBSP coconut oil
juice of 1/4 lemon

1) Gather your marinade ingredients... basil, garlic powder, chicken stock, lemon, and mustard.

2) Combine ingredients with the shrimp. Cover and let marinade in fridge for at least 2 hours, or overnight.

3) Heat coconut oil over medium high heat and saute the onion until translucent, about 3 minute.

4) Add the tomato and saute until soft, about 5-6 minutes.

5) Make room for the shrimp and pour it in, including the marinade.

6) Let cook about 3 minutes on each side before moving on to the next step.

7) Add the broccoli and let saute for about 5 minutes before covering the pan.

8) Reduce heat to medium and let steam for about 10 minutes.

9) Reduce heat and serve!

The basil and mustard complimented the shrimp really well. While it was still a strong marinade, it was not overwhelming, and just gave the meal a subtle kick once cooked! ;)

Give it a try and tell me what you think!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I need a pat on the back for actually posting a WIAW on a WEDNESDAY!!

We still have a ton of vegetables left from the farmers market a while ago, plus we picked up even more veggies at church Sunday. AND... up at my mothers work yesterday, her boss brought up some fruit and other goodies from a farmers market he went to, and let workers take things home. Needless to say... we've got enough tomatoes to put Heinz ketchup to shame.

This is awesome. I LOVE eating organic, local grown food. I can't even describe the difference between a piece of produce that is store bought, and one that I just picked out of the garden. The flavors are so much more vibrant, and you can really appreciate the sweet juiciness of it.

Anyways, my eats really are not that far off from the usual...

 Pre workout: An orange with some peanut butter.
I used the orange slices as you would apple. Honestly, it was a really neat combination!

Post workout: Savory oatmeal, in the form of: oats, ground lean turkey, and some home made hot sauce and tomatillo sauce my best friend Taylor made! I had just got back to her house from the gym, and her family makes these sauces weekly. They're HUGE fans of spicy stuff, and these sauces were proof.

Breakfast/ Late Lunch 
Two slices organic turkey bacon by Applegate Farms, and some of my hideous yet delicious Protein Pancakes... this time with walnuts, blueberries, and cherries! All topped with peanut butta. Gimme gimme.

Do I need to explain?
I was nearly out of this -plastic- jar of peanut butter, so I cut it in half and ate like so. Hey, less dishes right! ;)


A new shrimp recipe (clicky clicky here!), plus some Savory Style Lima Beans. There was also a baked sweet potato with this.

Yum yum!!

I am thinking of also starting a "Fitness Friday" post, that includes what I've been doing for my workouts that week. What do you think?

Also, do not forget to send me pictures of your eats and recipes! I will do a round up!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why Its Important to Buy Wild Caught Seafood

This post is a part of Unprocessed Fridays!

A while back a posted a recipe for some shrimp that I had been given fresh from the coast.

I was SUPER happy to get these, because I typically don't buy seafood from the grocery store... sure, the conventional stuff isn't TOO expensive. But the fresh caught, NOT FARMED quality? Way too pricey.

So, what is the big deal about buying wild seafood anyways? How is it different than farmed? This post is all about why you should be concerned where your fish, shrimp, and other sea creatures are coming from before placing them on your plate!

Environmental Impact...
When sea creatures are farmed, they are usually held in large tanks and forced into close environments. These "farming" methods usually have a large toll on the environment. One of the biggest threats of farmed salmon, for example, is the risk of an infestation of sea lice. Sea lice is common among raised fish, and can easily spread into the surrounding water and effect the wild creatures.
Not to mention, farming fish poses as a huge threat to the surrounding food chains and wild life. Building the farming areas destroys natural habitats, and the toxins used leaks into surrounding waters. Training fish to live in these conditions, and deliberately breeding them, also greatly reduces biodiversity which is essential for the survival of any species.

Nutritional Inequality...
Farmed creatures have been shown to be much more fatty than wild. This is no surprise, as they are in a contained space and do not have the opportunity to swim freely. This being said, they are usually much higher in the pro-inflammatory Omega 6's. They lack the healthy Omega 3's found in wild caught salmon and other fish. Overall, the nutritional quality is much lower than their free roaming counter partners.

Exposure To Toxins...
Wild caught fish get their color naturally from the food they eat and their environment. When they are farmed, however, many artificial dyes are used to mimic this coloring. They are also exposed to disinfectants and pesticides (to try and avoid sea lice), and are usually found to have higher contents of metals in their bodies due to the painting of their containers.

Economic Toll...
Quoted from,

"Whereas the dollar value difference between wild salmon marine industries and aquaculture is not highly significant, wild salmon industry jobs far outweigh the few jobs provided by the aquaculture industry.

Open net-cage salmon farming is jeopardizing the province’s sports fishery, commercial fishery, fish processing sector, and marine tourism – all of which contribute more economically than aquaculture."

Overall, there really is no question whether or not to purchase farm raised seafood. Your answer should always be NO!! I understand they usually are cheaper and can be bought in bulk... but those dollars you are saving are actually costing you a lot in the sense of personal-and environmental- health.

Your best bet is to save having store bought sea food for special occasions, and buying quality produce. When purchasing from the store, always ask the butcher where the fish or shrimp is from, or look for a statement on the packaging that states it is WILD CAUGHT. :)

Picture from 

What are your thoughts on farmed raised sea food?



Sunday, July 21, 2013

HEALTHY Brownies?! Naturally Sweet...Sugar free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Flourless

You read that RIGHT. "Healthy" and "Brownies" in the same title... how can this be?

A while back I remember reading something about brownies made out of black beans. My initial thought was, well, probably what everyone's was..."What the heck?!"

After many recipe readings and reading reviews, however, I decided to give it a shot. Most everyone was saying they tasted great, and heck, I am always up for a challenge in the kitchen.

That being said, I REALLY wanted to health-ify this recipe up. I do not eat sugar, so I knew using any would be out of the question. I don't even use stevia, so that made things even trickier! I turned to my trusty friend, the beloved dried date, for my all natural sweetness.

My best friend Taylor spent the night last night, so I kind of made these especially for our movie date! She also is a health nut, so using black beans in brownies came as no surprise to her. She makes healthy desserts frequently and loves trying new things, so I already figured she would dig these... but boy, I still was surprised when she chowed down on nearly half the pan!

No worries there, chicka. These babies are protein packed, and honestly guilt free. Plus my sister and mom did not want any... I am glad she loved them so much, otherwise I would have been tempted to eat the whole thing myself! ;)

I really wanted something that was going to be delicious, fudgy, sweet... but nutritious too. I read many different variations before finally coming up with one that worked for me! So yes, people... you are reading this correctly, no need to rush to the eye doctor.


Healthy Brownies
Yields 9 small brownies, one small-medium pan 

15 pitted dates
1 can black beans (I actually used black soy beans)
1/2 cup 100% cocoa powder
1 TSP baking powder
2 TBSP vanilla extract
1 TSP nutmeg
1 TSP cinnamon
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
1/4 cup chopped walnuts, optional

1) Preheat your oven to 350. Soak the dates in warm water for a few minutes.

2) Place the dates, the beans, and the cocoa powder in a food processor and blend until smooth.

3) Add in the remaining ingredients, besides the walnuts, and blend until mixed.

4) The mixture should be very thick and fudgy. You do not want little specks of bean or date in the mix, so make sure they are blended smooth before transferring your mixture into a relatively small-medium sized brownie pan. I used a rubber spatula for this.

5) Smooth down the mix so that it is evenly spread. Top with walnuts, if desired.

6)  Cook in the oven for about 35 minutes, checking to make sure it does not burn. You may have to leave it in longer... you want it to feel slightly firm, but the sides should not be burnt.

NOTE: I nearly died when I first took these out of the oven, I thought I had burnt them!! Turns out, the top layer turns nearly black while cooking. This has no effect on the flavor what so ever, and the texture of this 'layer' is not crisp or anything.

My mom had a hard time eating these brownies once I told her the main item was beans... so maybe you shouldn't reveal your "secret ingredient" to just anyone. Let it be something personal to the chef! ;)

I only used 10 dates in my recipe, but that is because I am used to no sugar so 10 was plenty for my sensitive taste buds. If I were to make them for anyone else, I definitely would use 15-20.

I also would love to point out how thick this brownie mix is! I expected it to be different than store bought, but this surprised me. It was already fudgy and delicious before cooking! Usually, the boxed stuff you buy is really liquidy.

Anyways... you have seriously GOT TO TRY THESE OUT. I am sure you could also find a healthy icing recipe (perhaps I will create one soon?), or you could just do what I did... top it with some all natural peanut butter and sliced strawberries, and call it a day. YUM ;)

Whats the craziest "secret ingredient" you've heard of?
Any favorite desserts you have- or wish you could- make healthy?


Friday, July 19, 2013

Bob Harper: Cardio Conditioning DVD REVIEW!

A few posts ago, I wrote about doing a new Bob Harper DVD! I had previously done his Total Body Transformation, but never his Cardio Conditioning, which is what I am reviewing today.

Let me make one thing clear, as if it isn't already...I love Bob. Even when he tries his hardest to make me hate him during these workouts, and yes, when I even find myself shouting "Really?! Really?!" in midst of squat jumps... I still have a passion for the man. The way he constructs his dynamic, heart throbbing routines, that get the job DONE with no room to play... its so refreshing! I can't tell you how many times I've rented a workout DVD that was AWFUL.

Usually what I face with DVD or online workouts are low pace, steady state cardio, really boring music, repetitive movements....or, things that require lots of equipment! This is NOT the case with Bob!


This DVD promises two intense routines: A longer, more cardio-oriented one, that is an hour (about 61 minutes actually, including warmup and cool down) and a shorter 20 minute one that focuses on strength, which is about 20 minutes. I have yet to do the short one, but the long one is AWESOME!!

Here is a breakdown of some specifics:

Equipment needed: 1 heavy dumbbell (I used 10lbs), 2 lighter dumbbells (I used 5lbs), body weight, possibly a mat for the very end.

Time: For the long workout, an hour. For the short, 20 minutes.

Space: The size of a living room should be fine. The only things that would really require "room" would be the side to side hops, and possibly the walk outs.

Honestly, even though he says it is cardio, I still feel like there is a lot of strength movements. I felt like we were working mostly legs the entire time, but towards the end he lets you rest a bit by focusing more on upper body. (I say rest, but honestly it's still HARD work. Just gives a bit of time to catch your breath.) You end with around 7-10 minutes of abs, most of which are standing, but then you get down on the floor for some hip lifts. I found these to be really hard, probably because my arms were already so worked!

You start off with a series of dumbbell swings. I mean, a LOT of swings! I think what gets your heart rate up more than anything is the use of big muscle groups, like those in your legs. You better get used to these swings, because you return to them throughout the whole workout. They actually become like a resting state in some sense.

This DVD is non stop. You get no breaks. Okay, well, you get like a 30 second "water break" in the last third of it, but I don't think that really counts.

You should expect many dynamic movements, along with some isolated holds. Sumo squats, scorpion pushups, squats to shoulder press... then you have your squat holds, and some lateral raise holds! He also throws in a few weighted cardio movements, such as weighted jump rope, jump squats, and jumping jacks!

Your heart rate is pretty high throughout the entire workout, even though he insists he has made it go "from high to moderate". I can see what he means though... I think the moves like the long periods of swinging, and weighted squat jumps and jumping jacks REALLY make your heart go soaring. But then when you return to a more moderate swing (like the double arm swing), and movements like the walk out pushups (start standing, walk to pushup position, preform said pushup, return to stand), you get a moment or so to somewhat catch your breath.

I liked the fact that the helpers in the background were feeling the burn too. This was also how it was set up in Total Body Transformation. Now, I don't know if they really get breaks between shots and are entirely faking it, but it seemed real enough to me! It gave me motivation to see them push through and give it their all in spite of them obviously struggling in some parts. Even the man in the back was panting!

The music wasn't too shabby. It was not so intense that it was distracting, yet was loud and interesting enough to keep you in a nice "workout" mode.

Some might beg to differ, but honestly, I did not find Bob to be all that annoying. Yes, he talks throughout the workout, telling you things like "THIS is the way you get that body you want", typical trainer stuff. And the fact that he hardly does the workout with you, yet still insists to push harder might get annoying to some. But really, it is his JOB to talk to us in a motivating way... and after all, it is HIS DVD so I suppose he really doesn't have to be doing the work. Heck, if you are as successful as Bob, there really shouldn't be any questioning when all you do is walk around and make grown men cry with the wrath of tuck jumps. I think that people might claim he is "getting on their nerves" because he's kicking their butts. I could understand what they meant if that was the case!

Overall, here are my ratings for this DVD:

5/5 STARS. It is an intense, no playing around type of thing. You don't waste time with slow stuff. Bob wants to work you to the best of his ability in the short time you are with him.

4/5 INTENSITY. NOT FOR BEGINNERS. You really are not doing any confusing movements, but this workout ain't anybodies rodeo. You should be at an intermediate level before attempting this. It truly is challenging, and there is after burn!

5/5 PRICE You can get this thing online for like, $4. Or, even better, get a set of his "Inside Out Method" DVDS for $15!!

Overall, I HIGHLY suggest this workout. As always, Bob delivers! You will feel a great after burn. The DVD defiantly ISN'T impossible, just is a challenge to complete or work up to.

So, how did you like this review? Anything you would have liked to see added?
What are your favorite workout DVDs?


Me, after the workout. With Bob in the background. I'm working on getting those muscles big, so no laughing! :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

WIAW #3: Wait, Its Thursday

Okay, so it isn't Wednesday. I know. Embarrassingly enough, I actually think I have been posting these on Thursday's anyway. I think somewhere in my head, I thought "What I Ate WEDNESDAY. So, it is what I ate ON Wednesday." Oh dear... I'm still learning.

Anyways, I have been busy all this week working at VBS! VBS=Vacation Bible School. I am a crew leader, and have a bunch of 1st graders to watch over, guide from station to station, and over all act as a good role model for.

They can be a handful at times, but I really do love helping out each year. It is rewarding in the end! This year's theme was a Medieval one. Sadly, tonight is the last night... to end a week of fun with a bang, they are letting all the kiddos (and yes, even leaders too!) dress up like princesses or knights. I am considering what to wear as I type this...
Me with just a few kids I am watching. Don't I look tired? Haha! 

I have to leave the house around 5 to get to the church at time, and usually don't get home until past 9. Then I try to work on meal plans some or blog, and usually pass out afterwards..

I am trying to get in as many normal meals as possible... here are my eats from Wednesday (next time, I will get it right and actually POST on Wednesday, I promise! ;) )


Me and my food combinations. Oh, well. 

Anyways, I got a lot of healthy fats in here! Two strips natural turkey bacon (haven't eaten bacon for YEARS. So at the store last weekend I FINALLY found a good brand and picked it up!!), and then one of my awkward looking Protein Packed Pancakes.  I added some blueberries and strawberries to the mix before I cooked in in the leftover bacon grease, plus a bit of coconut oil. All topped with peanut butter of course! 

Late lunch/ Early Dinner:

A baked sweet potato with my Raisin Rosemary Chicken with Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts. This time, I added some sauteed onion (we finally got some in the house!) and organic tomato from the farmers market.

Unpictured: Snack:
An apple and peanut butter. Well, of course! ;)

I am currently working on a review of that Bob Harper DVD I did. Are there any specific things you would like me to cover?

What have you been eating lately? Send me your pictures, and I will do a round up!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Red Wine and Mint Eggplant Spaghetti with Chicken Vegetable Sauce

Remember that massive load of vegetables I bought at the farmers market? Well, most of the veggies are holding up just fine. However, those eggplants on the other hand... I am afraid that they keep getting more and more wrinkled by the hour. Crazy huh?! It makes me really wonder how in the world grocery stores keep their stock looking fine. Are we really wasting that much food to where they are throwing out food hourly? Just some thoughts! 

Anyways, I am trying to find different ways to use the stuff so that we can make sure it doesn't go bad, yet not get tired of the same old meal. 

This is is the recipe I came up with yesterday! I know that eggplant absorbs flavor really well, so marinades pair with it. I would love to grill the stuff soon, but again... we are still out of gas from last time

This was the first time I have used alcohol while cooking. I don't think it turned out as well as it could have, but again, I've got a life time of experimenting. 

I also used some mint from the garden. Gotta actually use the stuff! I want it to do more than just look pretty outdoors :)

Red Wine and Mint Eggplant Spaghetti with Chicken Vegetable Sauce 
Yields 2-3 servings 

1-1.5 lb boneless skinless chicken breast (I used strips instead of full breast) 
1/2 package 100% whole wheat spaghetti noodles
5 small-medium sized white Egg eggplant (Or 2 medium purple ones), cut into rounds
1/3 red wine
2 TBSP garlic powder
2 sprigs fresh mint, chopped 
2/3 small can + 2 TBSP unsalted tomato paste 
2 large carrots, chopped
2/3 cup diced mushroom
1/3 cup minced onion
1/4 cup sweet bell pepper, diced 
1 cup chopped fresh spinach 
1-2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved 
1 TBSP+ 1 TBSP coconut oil 
1/3 cup+ 1/3 cup unsalted chicken or vegetable stock 

1) Get out your marinade ingredients! Wine, eggplant, mint, tomato paste, and garlic powder. Measure them accordingly (you will use 2 TBSP paste for this part). 

2) Combine the wine and tomato paste first, to smooth the paste out. Slather each eggplant round with the mix, then coat with the mint and garlic powder. Cover and let sit in the fridge for 2 hours, or overnight.

May I take a moment to point out the SMELL of this marinade. Something about the garlic and the wine just made my mouth water. It was awesome.

3) Melt 1 TBSP of coconut oil in a large pan. Place your onion, mushroom, and bell pepper in to saute, about 5-6 minutes. 

4) Toss in your carrots at this point, and let them too saute for about 2 minutes. Then, add 1/3 cup stock, bring to a light simmer, and cover for 5 minutes. 

5) At this point, bring a large pot of water to a hard boil. Break your noodles in halve, then place them in the water to boil, about 6 minutes or until al dente. Drain, and set on warm heat with some liquid still in the noodles to keep from sticking. You also could throw in some olive oil or stock to prevent sticking.

6) Scoot your vegetable mixture over and place your chicken. Cover and let cook, flipping the chicken over halfway through. 

7) When your chicken is cooked, add in the 3/4 small can tomato paste. Stir it in until it forms the sauce.

8) Throw in the cherry tomato halves, and your spinach. Cover, and set aside on low/warm. 

9) In the meantime, place another pan or skillet on medium high heat and melt your last TBSP coconut oil. Put your eggplant in here, including any leftover marinade. 

10) Saute for about 7 minutes, then add your last 1/3 cup stock. Bring to light boil, and cover until the eggplant is soft, usually about 10 minutes. 

11) At this point, combine your chicken and vegetable mixture with the eggplant. Serve over the noodles and enjoy! 

I could slightly taste the mint in this recipe. It gave a nice touch, but I think next time I will use more. I like the fact that I did not use basil (in a Italian inspired dish), so the mint was very surprising. 

Try this recipe out! It is simple, and doesn't really take a huge amount of time.

What are your favorite ways to use food before they go bad?!
Any favorite herbs you like to use?


Monday, July 15, 2013

My Life Lately

I don't think I have ever really done one of these yet, so I figured it is about time!

What is going on in my life (that is at least some what relevant to what I post here?) Well, on a daily bases, my life is filled with all sorts of things I could ramble about. However, I think the events from this past weekend might be more of the audience's interest here on Clean Eating Teen...

For those of you who did not know, Friday was the official Cow Appreciation Day. If you came to Chick-Fil-A dressed or painted like a cow, your food was free!

My mom has been face painting at a Chick Fil A close to us for nearly 12 years. When I was about 7 or 8 I helped her out by sitting next her and offering to make kids balloon animals, but for the past 4 or so year, I also am painting. We always are hired for Cow Appreciation day... my my goodness, some things you see there just can not be unseen.

I have witnessed full families come in not only for breakfast, but for lunch and dinner as well. I can not tell you how many grown men I have seen with blown up gloves attached to their stomachs as utters. Even high school football jocks show no mercy in the face of free food... they come dressed up too!

Honestly, it is a GREAT company to be a part of. The Chick Fil A franchises are usually ran by friendly people, and the workers i've seen are collage bound and friendly.

So, this past Friday, I spend about 7 hours face painting for this occasion! One of the hit things kids were asking for was a Despicable Me minion... so cute.

Me with the famous cow! 

Come Saturday, I started my day off with a nice dose of Bob Harper: Inside Out Method Cardio Conditioning.

Let me tell you one thing. I love Bob. 

I mean, really, I do. If him and Jillian ever decided to have some sort of fitness love child, I would steal it from the hospital and raise it as my own (okay, so maybe that's showing you too much of my creeper side...)

This workout was AWESOME!! All you need are two pairs of dumb bells, a medium set and a lighter one, and of course your own body weight. I have done his Total Body Transformation , and that is equally as good. I've yet to try Jillian's latest DVD, Hard Body , but I right now am thinking that Bob is a bit tougher in the DVDs than she!

Should I start doing workout DVD reviews? 

Afterwards, my mom, sister and I headed to the farmers market! We got TONS of vegetables, and for such a good deal I am still in shock. This was our first time to this certain location, so we are DEFINITELY going back. They run every Saturday! 

 Me with all my goodies! This doesn't even show the giant box laying on the car floor.
And for the record, yes, I am wearing pants. This is just a really awkward angle. 

We lay out everything after we returned home that evening. Yellow squash, Pattypan squash, Tomatoes, and those little round white things are EGGPLANTS! Yes, "Egg" plants. Get it?

After the market, we met briefly with my moms long time friend from elementary school! She just started working at an antique store, and we wanted to check it out. Sadly I don't have a picture for this.

She had to close up shop and my mom had made plans to go to lunch with her, and my dad had invited my sister and I to a pool party with some family friends. So, my mom dropped us off with him.

Pool and COOK OUT time!!

My sister and I. This was the first time I had swam all year!

As you know from previous posts, I LOVE COOKOUTS. I think they're so fun. This party is an annual one, so I always look forward to it this time of year. Sadly, they did not really have much I could eat (lots of things with dairy, and they cooked out brisket and hot links- red meat). So I settled for some fruit, veggies, and like half a container of some Sabra hummus someone with good taste brought. ;)

I ate more where that came from.

It was pretty light, but that night I got my fill for food by cooking up a big old saute of our fresh veggies! I had that, with turkey patties and black eyed peas. 

What were you up to this weekend?
Whats the best deal you have had at a farmers market?