Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I need a pat on the back for actually posting a WIAW on a WEDNESDAY!!

We still have a ton of vegetables left from the farmers market a while ago, plus we picked up even more veggies at church Sunday. AND... up at my mothers work yesterday, her boss brought up some fruit and other goodies from a farmers market he went to, and let workers take things home. Needless to say... we've got enough tomatoes to put Heinz ketchup to shame.

This is awesome. I LOVE eating organic, local grown food. I can't even describe the difference between a piece of produce that is store bought, and one that I just picked out of the garden. The flavors are so much more vibrant, and you can really appreciate the sweet juiciness of it.

Anyways, my eats really are not that far off from the usual...

 Pre workout: An orange with some peanut butter.
I used the orange slices as you would apple. Honestly, it was a really neat combination!

Post workout: Savory oatmeal, in the form of: oats, ground lean turkey, and some home made hot sauce and tomatillo sauce my best friend Taylor made! I had just got back to her house from the gym, and her family makes these sauces weekly. They're HUGE fans of spicy stuff, and these sauces were proof.

Breakfast/ Late Lunch 
Two slices organic turkey bacon by Applegate Farms, and some of my hideous yet delicious Protein Pancakes... this time with walnuts, blueberries, and cherries! All topped with peanut butta. Gimme gimme.

Do I need to explain?
I was nearly out of this -plastic- jar of peanut butter, so I cut it in half and ate like so. Hey, less dishes right! ;)


A new shrimp recipe (clicky clicky here!), plus some Savory Style Lima Beans. There was also a baked sweet potato with this.

Yum yum!!

I am thinking of also starting a "Fitness Friday" post, that includes what I've been doing for my workouts that week. What do you think?

Also, do not forget to send me pictures of your eats and recipes! I will do a round up!


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