Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Ah, yes! It is that time of the week again!

Sometimes, I forget to take pictures of the food I am eating. Whoops... lesson learned though, so I am definitely trying harder to snap a photo before I dig in.

Habits are becoming established as a blogger, and soon I am sure I will be one of weirdos everyone hears about that exclaims "Hold on! I have to post this on Instagram before we eat!!" Oh man. I wonder how I will be able to pull this off once school starts? I can just see myself, sitting around my friends, and getting extremely odd looks when I slyly peek my phone camera out from under the table.

The life of a health blogger, I'm telling ya.


What is becoming a staple for me... banana protein pancakes, and a slice of Applegate Farms Organic Turkey Bacon! With peanut butter...


Some friends of mine and my mothers gave us some home made chickpea salad. Reminds me of the 3-Bean Salad found at the salad bar at Jason's Deli... has anyone else been there?

It had chickpeas, red onion, cucumber, celery, and some red bell pepper. I am pretty sure the dressing was some kind of vinegar, probably balsamic, with olive oil. I also tasted spices such as dill. Ill ask for the recipe and make some soon, so I can share it with you guys! ;)

Accompanying the beans was some watermelon. My momma brough it from her work. Her boss goes to his local farmers market and gets tons of stuff to share with the employs, so score for us!


A new chicken recipe!! Coming soon to a blog near you (ahem, this one.) ;)

What have you been eating lately?


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