Thursday, July 11, 2013


I am going to use this as my official "WIAW" banner from now on! Ugg, so fancy I can hardly stand it.

I am excited to announce my 2nd WIAW. Today was filled with fun, I went visiting family with my great aunt and (being from a family of thrifters) joined her as we roamed around some second hand stores.

 Our thrift finds:
Top: My sister found a boat load of nerdy items (that, ahem, yeah I totally would never obsess over...;) ). Harry Potter figurine, Harry Potter board game and book, Lord of the Rings and Pokemon books
Middle: My aunt picked up a certain fancy glass plate that my mom collects.
Bottom: We found a new Fossil wallet!! For my momma, she has always wanted one. It came from the manufacturers, so the bottom was ripped by them a bit when they sent it out to be resold, but we will fix it with some leather glue.

Now, on to the food!

Savory oatmeal. Recipe soon? Okay.
Looks really odd, but basically it is just oats with savory ingredients (meat, veggies, ext) instead of sweet things like fruit. I topped mine with some nooch' (again, taking after Else from Hungry Hungry Hippie... lord, if I met that women we would be fast friends.)

Lunch/ Snack on the go:
Apple and peanut butter. Can't go wrong there, friends. It is small I know, but I was on the go and not home for the majority of the day. I took what I could get!

From left to right: Baked sweet potato, a new recipe that even though i'm still coming up with a good name, AH MY GOSH IS SO AMAZING I WILL SHARE IT SOON, and some Savory Style Lima Beans with Cilantro 
So good, and filling. This is what I LOVE about healthy eating... you can eat foods that taste so darn yummy, they just have to be bad for you... when really there's nothing guilty about them! ;)

Well, that's all i've got for you today folks... I really am starting to dig this WIAW thing. Lots of fun!

Let me know anything else you'd like to see..

Whats your favorite thing about WIAW?
Do you have a recipe that is SO GOOD (and you may or may have not just thrown it together)?


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