Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July FIREWORK Superset Workout!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I hope that your holiday will be filled with lots of fun, family, grilling out... and FIREWORKS ;)

Which leads me to today's workout! I know that with the hectic schedule coming up, you might have been wondering how you will fit in time to hit the gym. Maybe you even planned on taking the day off all together.

Well, let me tell you... that won't be happening under my watch! This workout uses only body-weight and dumbbells, so for most, this can be done right at home. You do not even need a lot of space!

Okay, before anyone has to shield their eyes due to the quality of this image... I had created it in Office Word, only to later realize I couldn't (or at least do not know how) to save it as a picture rather than a document to download on my blog... so I took a photo of it! If I can figure out a way to make it look better, trust me, this is will updated ASAP.

This is an intense workout that will be a GREAT way to get you pumped up for the day! I suggest to do it first thing in the morning, so that you will have it out of the way and can go about your holiday. :)

You can find most movements on Youtube if you do not know what they are, or feel free to message me and ask! Here are a few descriptions of movements that may be confusing...

Firework Jumps- Otherwise known as Star Jump Squats, Rock star Jumps, ext... Squat down, than explode up in a jump, forming a 'Firework" type look with your limbs (both arms up and out, legs apart). So basically, when you jump in the air, your body should look like an "X"!
DB Step Up- With a chair in front of you, hold a set of dumb bells in your hands. Step up on the chair with your right leg, and push yourself up so that you are standing with one leg on the chair. Lower yourself back to the ground, and repeat on the same leg until you reach the needed reps. Then, do the other leg.
Curtsy Lunge- Basically, think as if you are "curtsying"... it is like a lunge, expect your back foot is farther towards the opposite side. So, when you step back with your right leg, instead of stepping directly back, step farther towards the left.
Bicycles- Bicycle crunches... Lying on your back, lightly place hands behind head. Act as if you are "peddling" your legs, and while doing so, bring your opposite elbow to touch the knee that is "peddling" in.

Boy did I just make that sound really confusing or what?

I figure this workout should take about 40 minutes, depending on your fitness level! Try this out, share it, tell me what you think!

What are your plans for the 4th?
Will YOU be working out?


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