Friday, July 5, 2013

WIAW #1- The Late Riser Addition

WOW! I feel like a real blogger, typing in that title.

I am such a food freak, and I am pretty darn nosy too, so obviously some of my FAVORITE posts to read are What I Ate Wednesday's. Seriously, I find it really interesting to see what others consume during a day... it gives me ideas for recipes, and plus it's just kinda... fun? (I'm so insane unique)

Anyways, this is very exciting to me. I think if this post goes well, I will continue with the trend... I will officially become one of those folk yelling "HOLD ON, NO ONE EAT YET. I got to take pictures for my blog!"

I was pretty busy the day I took these photos. I was preparing to head out of town to spend the holiday with my family and grandmother, so I was packing. Also, I knew I would not have much access to a computer, so I decided to write up a few posts and save them to drafts for easy publishing ability once I got down with the fam. As much as I love blogging, I would much rather be spending quality time with my loved ones than huddled in the back typing up weird recipes and uploading pictures of my kale garden...

I say this only because I know it seems I did not eat much. I could also blame this on the fact that I got to sleep in that day -can I get a HALLELUJAH- and by time I was up, it was already lunch time! So bu-bye brekkie.

Post workout/ Lunch 

Romaine Lettuce Wraps and Watermelon

... not really wrap I suppose, The leaves started getting too small as I used them up! I included avocado, chopped up leftover turkey meat, fresh cucumber and Jamaica, and a bit of mustard and tomato. Sounds REALLY strange. But it actually tastes really good, and I like having this on days when don't have a whole lot of options in the house. It is easy! I have also used hummus on these too.


Hearty Whole Grain Bread with Avocado

Four small end slices (I was using up the last of some loafs) smeared in half a creamy avocado! SOO fresh and good. Filling too!

Savory Style Lima Beans with Cilantro

Recipe soon to come! I really love making this. I do not know if I could say it is Mediterranean style (?), but they are so tangy and delicious. I have been  on a bean/legume kick lately, and cilantro has always been another one of my favorites!

Just for kicks , my workout...
Burpee Burnout! Plus a little more booty work in the form of a Blogilates video...

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