Monday, February 24, 2014

My Week of Workouts #8

Check out last week's workouts here.

15 minutes HIIT+50 minutes Power Yoga+15 minutes abs

25 on,5 off x30
KB swing and jump
Pike hops
High knees
Plank jacks

THIS Yoga Video

Ab was the same time pattern as HIIT and included moves like:
Side bicycle, side plank dips, elevated knee tucks, KB side to side, roll ups, leg drops, ext

This is a BEFORE AND AFTER picture I posted on Facebook.
Left: Feb 2014
Right: Nov 2013

Back day! I was pretty happy today. I have not been able to lift my PR weight again but at least today I felt much stronger in my deadlifts and added another #10 to what I have been working with.

I also found out my gym's barbell weighs #45 and not #35, so I actually have been lifting more than I had previously thought! Here are the weights, including the adjustment with the barbell.

30 sec eachx3 
Mountain Climber
Jumping jacks

Deadlifts: 10x#105, 10x#105, 8x#115, 8x#115, 10x#105, 10x#95

T bar row: 15x#2.5 weight platex2, 12x#5 weight platex2, 10x#7.5 platex2, reverse back down x1 time each

Back ext with #25 plate 4x12

Single arm row 3x10 ES #20 
Cable pulls 3x12 #35

Ended with ab work  

I did the same leg workout from Loving Fit as I did last week! I ended with a round of lunge sliders, squats, and leg kickback, hyrdrants, and circles.

"Beware of Burning Monster" 

Part 1
Set your timer for 2 intervals of 35 seconds each, for the total of 14 rounds. Or you can set your timer for 1 interval of 35 seconds and 28 round it’s up to you.
There is 2 exercises in part one, you will switch sides after completing both exercises on one side, so you will end up doing 7 rounds per side. First exercise is max effort, second exercise is recovery. This is how the workout out will go:
  • Two Way Jump-Up – Right Leg
  • Twisted Side Lunge – Right Leg
  • Two Way Jump-Up – Left Leg
  • Twisted Side Lunge – Left Leg

Part 2
Set your timer for 2 intervals of 35 seconds each, for the total of 7 rounds. Or one interval of 35 seconds and 14 rounds.
There is two exercises and absolutely no break, so push at your max. I had 35 lbs in my sandbag. ( you can also use a kettlebell, dumbbell, or your own bodyweight, or you can also substitute the second exercise for a Bridge ).
You will go through both exercises for the total of 7 rounds.
  • Three Pulses Squat & Two Side Bends
  • Sandbag Swing

Part 3
Set your timer as a stopwatch. Complete 50 reps of the following combo:
  • Three Jump Lunges & Kick Up & Side Lunge Kick-Up ( that whole thing counts as one rep )

My time was 13:08 min

Heck yeah!! Battle ropes AGAIN. Love this. I did 20 minutes of battle ropes and then some chest work.

Chest press flat #45 plate : 4x8

Bosu pushup on knees: 4x15
DB flat fly : 4x12 #15 DBS

Single arm incline DB press 4x10 ES #15 DB
Single arm cable pull ES 4x10 #10


I spent the night before looking up some more information on proper squat form, as I have been having difficulty with the move. Turns out, I wasn't quite doing it right. I was bending to far back at the hips, and my stance was all off.

Luckily, I fixed this, and leg day was better than ever! I also tried out front squats!!

Single leg burpee: 2x10 ES

Front Squat: 5x10 @ 45#-50#

Regular back squat: 5x10 @ 85#

Foot elevated split squat: 3x10 ES #25 DBS
Single leg TRX squat 3x10 ES

Slide forward and back lunges 3x10 ES
Donkey kick, leg circle combo 3x20 each ES

Dropset leg curl x3
Drop set leg ext x3

I PUSH PRESSED THE 25# DBS TODAY. I have been working on this for weeks!

Warm up with Burpees, jumping jacks

Push press: 1 rep at 25#!! 4x10 #20

DB frontal raises x10 (15# DBS)
DB corkscrew press x10 (15#)
AMRAP face pulls (25-30#)
x3 rounds

BB behind the back shrugs x10 (40#DBS)
DB should "L" raises (12#DBS)
AMRAP Shoulder pushups

KB high pulls x10 (30#KB)
DB leaning lateral raises x10 ES (#12)
AMRAP DB bent over reverse flys (#12)
*10 burpees with shoulder press between each grouping


HIIT and power yoga!

For above, it is 30 sec of each movement. Do the whole circuit x3, totaling 30 minutes.

How have you been working out?
Have you had to correct your form in anything?


Friday, February 21, 2014


Howdy Clean Eaters!

I recently got a gym membership and have been loving it. Today I wanted to share with you a leg workout that I just did this week. It will be on my next Week of Workouts too, but figured I would share it in a "workout" format!

For this workout, you will need access to:
TRX (or other means of stability for the single leg squats, if needed)
Leg Curl Machine

This workout will really make your legs feel like JELLO after!

ES= Each Side

Foot Elevated Lunge: Also called Bulgarian Split Lunge. Place the back foot on top of a bench so it is elevated and lunge as normal. 

The rest of the moves you can look up or just ask in the comments if you're confused!!

What workout has made you feel like JELLO lately?