Thursday, July 18, 2013

WIAW #3: Wait, Its Thursday

Okay, so it isn't Wednesday. I know. Embarrassingly enough, I actually think I have been posting these on Thursday's anyway. I think somewhere in my head, I thought "What I Ate WEDNESDAY. So, it is what I ate ON Wednesday." Oh dear... I'm still learning.

Anyways, I have been busy all this week working at VBS! VBS=Vacation Bible School. I am a crew leader, and have a bunch of 1st graders to watch over, guide from station to station, and over all act as a good role model for.

They can be a handful at times, but I really do love helping out each year. It is rewarding in the end! This year's theme was a Medieval one. Sadly, tonight is the last night... to end a week of fun with a bang, they are letting all the kiddos (and yes, even leaders too!) dress up like princesses or knights. I am considering what to wear as I type this...
Me with just a few kids I am watching. Don't I look tired? Haha! 

I have to leave the house around 5 to get to the church at time, and usually don't get home until past 9. Then I try to work on meal plans some or blog, and usually pass out afterwards..

I am trying to get in as many normal meals as possible... here are my eats from Wednesday (next time, I will get it right and actually POST on Wednesday, I promise! ;) )


Me and my food combinations. Oh, well. 

Anyways, I got a lot of healthy fats in here! Two strips natural turkey bacon (haven't eaten bacon for YEARS. So at the store last weekend I FINALLY found a good brand and picked it up!!), and then one of my awkward looking Protein Packed Pancakes.  I added some blueberries and strawberries to the mix before I cooked in in the leftover bacon grease, plus a bit of coconut oil. All topped with peanut butter of course! 

Late lunch/ Early Dinner:

A baked sweet potato with my Raisin Rosemary Chicken with Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts. This time, I added some sauteed onion (we finally got some in the house!) and organic tomato from the farmers market.

Unpictured: Snack:
An apple and peanut butter. Well, of course! ;)

I am currently working on a review of that Bob Harper DVD I did. Are there any specific things you would like me to cover?

What have you been eating lately? Send me your pictures, and I will do a round up!


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