Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Almost There, Just Not Quiet Yet

As you probably know, I have been doing many things in order to raise the funds to continue with my fitness and nutritional education.

One of my first goals was to raise enough for yoga teaching tuition, which usually ranges from $1500-$2000. Mind you, I did not have (and still don't) have ANY plans to ask my parents or other family or help in funding this. I wanted to completely raise the money on my own, not only because my family simply can not afford it, but also because this is MY goal... my dream, and ultimately, my life. I need to take responsibility for that, and not rely on anyone else to do legwork to get me where I want to be.

Some of the fund raisers have included selling home made bread, and of course, offering meal planning services through my Facebook page, Natalie Wester: Holistic Meal Planning. I also am still training some people a few days a week! Really, ANYTHING that my age and ability allows me to do to safely make an extra buck, I am up for.

Just the other day, I was out with some friends and a store we went into was having a HUGE sale. I mean, blow out sale people... it was overwhelming, and while my peers were in line with their many items, I looked down at my single shirt ($4 bucks people!), shook my head, and put it back. Even though the money I was carrying was from past birthdays, I realized that that $4 should be going to my future, not some silly piece of clothing.

Anyways, the reason I have written this post is because, after doing some math, I concluded that I am roughly HALF WAY towards my fund raising goal!! I have about $800-$900. I am SO excited, because this really feels like an accomplishment... it keeps me motivated, so that little urges to spend a dime here or there are easily overpowered with this insane drive to reach my goal.

Sunstone was one of the first studios I went to.

I know it will happen, it just takes time. It gets frustrating at times. I see local studios advertise that it is time to sign up for the next round of their 200 Hour training, yet I find that I still can not yet fill out that application.

I guess it is the universe's way of telling me I am not ready yet? It has taken me this long to raise what I have, and I AM finding that now days the donations are coming in at a bit quicker rate than previously. So I am almost there... just not QUIET yet.  

I know a few yoga instructors and have asked around for advice as to where I should obtain my certifications, and just to ask basic questions in general. I am blessed to know these people and hope they can help me grow as a teacher when the time comes.

If any readers out there are yoga teachers, or even fitness instructors, what are some of the biggest challenges you've faced? The best experiences? Is there any magical secret to this industry, or must you just do what YOUR passionate about, no matter what anyone says? I really hope the latter is true, because that really is what I believe in... to be yourself, and do what makes you happy, no matter what anyone has to say about it.

Until the time comes to where I have enough to finally enroll in the classes I need, I am doing what I can to prepare, and simply continue to learn as much as I can about yoga, fitness, nutrition, and over all well being.

Honestly, every day brings with it new ideas, new knowledge, new horizons. I never know what I will wake up to and learn or benefit from. Some days are rather uneventful, yes, but others... they shock me. For example, I try to contact others in the fitness industry in order to make connections, and to my surprise, sometimes they get back with me. Remember when I posted about the Wester Workout featured on P Fit and Designer Whey?  I am still giddy about that. Sure, maybe I wasn't featured on Opera, but it is these little things that keep my spark alive.

I feel as if I am rambling a bit on this post, but I just was really excited to realize I am that much closer to my goal!

What goals do you have/ had to had, and how do you go about achieving them?
Are you or anyone you know a yoga teacher or fitness instructor? If so, tell me about your experience!


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