Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Out-Of-Town Upper Body EXPLOSION

Hey there guys! What were you American readers up to this Independence day? If you are not from the U.S., did you still have a great week? :)

I went out of town for the holiday. I spent three days with my household family, my cousin, uncle and grandmother, and it was so fun and relaxing as always! We grilled out for the 4th... corn and chicken for me, and they also threw on some Bratts for them (I am Pollotarian... only eat bird meat and seafood). We also make a corn, black bean,and tomato "relish"... a bit like Texas Caviar, if you have ever had that.

Anyways, when travel here, I always am in a bit of a predicament when it comes to workouts. I finally decided to bring my own pair of 10 lb dumb bells, and use the 5 lb and the single 20 lb one they randomly have laying around. I also do body weight exercises. The house is older and filled with antiques, so I do not like working out inside (especially cardio) because I don't want to shake the house... literally!  They've got a nice backdoor brick patio, so in the cooler mornings I utilize this space, along with any chairs or steps around.

Here is what my workouts looked like while out of town:

Thursday morning: a Power Yoga video from Youtube
I always have trouble when using the internet, because I am out in the countryside. However, I had much luck this day and I did not run into a whole lot of trouble. 
Friday morning: This AMAZING Plyo workout from Bess Be Fit, finished it off with a bit more leg from a Blogilates video.
Saterday morning: A full upper body workout I created the night prior... check it out below!


I finished this workout with a little bit of ab work, and it took me around an hour to complete. All I used were dumb bells... 5 lbs for the 7's raises and Scarecrows, 20 lbs for the Standing Overhead Tricep Dips and Heavy Single Arm Row, and 10 lbs for the rest. For the DB Pullovers on the ground, I grasped a 10 lb and a 5 lb with both my hands for 15 lbs.
My cardio consisted of a nice mix of jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks, and jump rope.

This workout should be done like this: Start with the first column of deepening colors, and complete each super-set from lightest color to darkest. Then do the same with the other column. (The workout is grouped off by colors/muscle groups).

Most of the exercises can be looked up on Youtube, but for those that seem a bit odd, here are some descriptions and videos...

Chest Press Neutral Grip: Regular chest press, except your palms face eachother.

7's Raises- First do 7 front raises, then 7 lateral raises, then 7 bent over flies.

Scarecrows- Make your arms look like a "scarecrow" out beside you... basically like a football goal. Your elbows will be bent, forearms with weights in hand standing up straight. Your palms will face away from you. Slowly, rotate your arm so that your forearm is downwards (your palms facing towards you, weights in hand now closer to the ground). Then, return to the starting position. That is one rep. I know that sounds really confusing, but here is a video for visual reference... link here

Outwards Bicep Curls-  Regular bicep curl, but your arms face more outwards from your body at an angle.

This workout is AWESOME!!! I was shaking at the end. I love that great feeling of burn... makes stretching and yoga feel even better! ;) This is SO easily to be done while traveling. You can do it in the gym, too.

If you are confused about any movements, just send me a comment and I will get back!

What did you do to work out if you traveled this week?

Try this out, and tell me what you think!


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