Friday, July 19, 2013

Bob Harper: Cardio Conditioning DVD REVIEW!

A few posts ago, I wrote about doing a new Bob Harper DVD! I had previously done his Total Body Transformation, but never his Cardio Conditioning, which is what I am reviewing today.

Let me make one thing clear, as if it isn't already...I love Bob. Even when he tries his hardest to make me hate him during these workouts, and yes, when I even find myself shouting "Really?! Really?!" in midst of squat jumps... I still have a passion for the man. The way he constructs his dynamic, heart throbbing routines, that get the job DONE with no room to play... its so refreshing! I can't tell you how many times I've rented a workout DVD that was AWFUL.

Usually what I face with DVD or online workouts are low pace, steady state cardio, really boring music, repetitive movements....or, things that require lots of equipment! This is NOT the case with Bob!


This DVD promises two intense routines: A longer, more cardio-oriented one, that is an hour (about 61 minutes actually, including warmup and cool down) and a shorter 20 minute one that focuses on strength, which is about 20 minutes. I have yet to do the short one, but the long one is AWESOME!!

Here is a breakdown of some specifics:

Equipment needed: 1 heavy dumbbell (I used 10lbs), 2 lighter dumbbells (I used 5lbs), body weight, possibly a mat for the very end.

Time: For the long workout, an hour. For the short, 20 minutes.

Space: The size of a living room should be fine. The only things that would really require "room" would be the side to side hops, and possibly the walk outs.

Honestly, even though he says it is cardio, I still feel like there is a lot of strength movements. I felt like we were working mostly legs the entire time, but towards the end he lets you rest a bit by focusing more on upper body. (I say rest, but honestly it's still HARD work. Just gives a bit of time to catch your breath.) You end with around 7-10 minutes of abs, most of which are standing, but then you get down on the floor for some hip lifts. I found these to be really hard, probably because my arms were already so worked!

You start off with a series of dumbbell swings. I mean, a LOT of swings! I think what gets your heart rate up more than anything is the use of big muscle groups, like those in your legs. You better get used to these swings, because you return to them throughout the whole workout. They actually become like a resting state in some sense.

This DVD is non stop. You get no breaks. Okay, well, you get like a 30 second "water break" in the last third of it, but I don't think that really counts.

You should expect many dynamic movements, along with some isolated holds. Sumo squats, scorpion pushups, squats to shoulder press... then you have your squat holds, and some lateral raise holds! He also throws in a few weighted cardio movements, such as weighted jump rope, jump squats, and jumping jacks!

Your heart rate is pretty high throughout the entire workout, even though he insists he has made it go "from high to moderate". I can see what he means though... I think the moves like the long periods of swinging, and weighted squat jumps and jumping jacks REALLY make your heart go soaring. But then when you return to a more moderate swing (like the double arm swing), and movements like the walk out pushups (start standing, walk to pushup position, preform said pushup, return to stand), you get a moment or so to somewhat catch your breath.

I liked the fact that the helpers in the background were feeling the burn too. This was also how it was set up in Total Body Transformation. Now, I don't know if they really get breaks between shots and are entirely faking it, but it seemed real enough to me! It gave me motivation to see them push through and give it their all in spite of them obviously struggling in some parts. Even the man in the back was panting!

The music wasn't too shabby. It was not so intense that it was distracting, yet was loud and interesting enough to keep you in a nice "workout" mode.

Some might beg to differ, but honestly, I did not find Bob to be all that annoying. Yes, he talks throughout the workout, telling you things like "THIS is the way you get that body you want", typical trainer stuff. And the fact that he hardly does the workout with you, yet still insists to push harder might get annoying to some. But really, it is his JOB to talk to us in a motivating way... and after all, it is HIS DVD so I suppose he really doesn't have to be doing the work. Heck, if you are as successful as Bob, there really shouldn't be any questioning when all you do is walk around and make grown men cry with the wrath of tuck jumps. I think that people might claim he is "getting on their nerves" because he's kicking their butts. I could understand what they meant if that was the case!

Overall, here are my ratings for this DVD:

5/5 STARS. It is an intense, no playing around type of thing. You don't waste time with slow stuff. Bob wants to work you to the best of his ability in the short time you are with him.

4/5 INTENSITY. NOT FOR BEGINNERS. You really are not doing any confusing movements, but this workout ain't anybodies rodeo. You should be at an intermediate level before attempting this. It truly is challenging, and there is after burn!

5/5 PRICE You can get this thing online for like, $4. Or, even better, get a set of his "Inside Out Method" DVDS for $15!!

Overall, I HIGHLY suggest this workout. As always, Bob delivers! You will feel a great after burn. The DVD defiantly ISN'T impossible, just is a challenge to complete or work up to.

So, how did you like this review? Anything you would have liked to see added?
What are your favorite workout DVDs?


Me, after the workout. With Bob in the background. I'm working on getting those muscles big, so no laughing! :)

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