Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Week Of Workouts #28

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Shoulder press: 15sx10,10 20sx8 25sx6
DB row: 25x10,10 30x8,6

Barbell row: 65x10x4
facepulls: 35x10x4

Wide grip pulldown: 55x4x6-8
Leaning side raise: 20x4x8-10

DB chest press: 25sx3x8
single arm cable pull: 10x3x10 ES

chest fly machine: 40x3x8

45x5, 65x5, 75x5, 85x5 90x5, 95x4x5
Deadlift: warmup, PR 175x1 135x3x4

Frontsquat: 45x5, 65x3x4

BSL: 60x2x10ES

Back lunge with kick, single leg deadlift, side lunge: 30x2x6each

AM: 16 minute tabata, abs

PM: 16 minute tabata, biceps and triceps, abs


Shoulder DB press: 15sx10,10, 20sx8,6
DB row:25x10,10 30x8x6

Shoulder DB press: 20sx4x12
T bar row: 75-80#x4x12-10 reps

Barbell row: 65#x3x10
Leaning shoulder raise: 20#x3x8es

Chest burnout: AMRAP 65# going down in weight, end with a wide grip bar only

Chest DB press: 25s: 3x6

Chest cable fly single arm: 2x10 es 10#

3 rounds with 20# DBS:
10 each side, wide single arm rows
6 shoulder press
6 knee pushups

AM: 16 minute tabata

After school I had some time before I caught a ride home, so I checked out the gym. NO SQUAT RACK. But I did some other leg stuff.

Deadlifts: (assuming the bar is 45#)

BSL: 60x3x10 ES

Lunge and kickback+ single leg deadlift: 30x3x8 each

Single leg legpress: 4x12, 80,85,90,90

Later that night:

Back squat:
45x4, 65x4, 75x4, 85x4 95x3x5

Front squat:
45x5, 65x3x4

Single leg squat with TRX: 3x6ES

I worked on OHS with a jump rope and 3lb weights (6lbs total. Such a badass.)

6 DEEP (butt to ankle) narrow squat with KB (up to 15#)
x5 rounds

I could hardly get out of bed. SO SORE. Foam rolling and some ab work.

AM: Light yoga and stretching

45x5, 55x4 60x3x3 65x3x3

Shoulder DB press: 20sx10,10 25sx8,6
DB row: 25x10x10 30x8,6

Tbar row: 75x12 80x10 82.5x8 85x8
KB upright row: 30#x4x10

DB chest press: 25sx3x8
Single arm chest cable fly: 10#x3x10es

Cable pull back: 60#x3x10
Single arm leaning shoulder raise: 20#x3x8

6 minutes of ab work

How did you workout this week?


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