Friday, August 22, 2014

Blogging Sucks (Sometimes)

I recently published my 200th blog post. Which hey, is an AMAZING achievement for me! I never would have thought that I would be where I am now when I first started this blog.

Speaking of which... I looked back to my first post, and realized it was just over a week and TWO YEARS ago that I began writing on Clean Eating Teen.

Two. Years. 200 posts.

I don't want to sound like little miss perfect or "oh, pity me!" but lets be real. As of right now, I hardly have 150 comments TOTAL for all my posts. Most of the blogs I read easily get that many on ONE post. I'm lucky to maybe get a hundred or so views per post. I don't even have a thousand Facebook likes, despite my effort.

So... what gives? Why am I spending so much time and effort writing to an empty audience? I want to help people, inspire and enlighten others. I feel like I am working towards no real goal sometimes.

But on the other end, I really do enjoy writing. Up until I became interested in health, I actually wanted to be an author. Blogging allows me to get the best of both worlds: I still get to write, but I also am immersed in the fitness and health world.

I also like the fact that blogging sets me apart from the crowd. How many people can tell others, "Hey, you should check out my blog!" Not many.

I guess I just get frustrated. It would be a dream to have a highly popular blog or YouTube channel (just like Linda wants!) But how realistic is this? Can it be done? Successful people say they got where they did through hard work and never giving up. Well... it's been two years. 200 posts. This is an everyday activity for me, and I share it publicly. Why does it seem as if little progress is being made?

Just some thoughts. Please don't look badly upon me or be offended by any of this.

Do you get frustrated by blogging, or any other dream you



Anonymous said...

You write about very important topics. many people read it without leaving comments.. Please don't get down on yourself. You are way too special for that---NGYY

AmyC said...

I get frustrated sometimes, but then something awesome happens that motivates me to keep going!

Anonymous said...

lost 6 lbs with your advice--NGYY

Abby said...

I think that having people read and comment on your blog is just part of the blogging experience. It's a personal journey, too: I love looking back and seeing how my writing, photography, and recipes have progressed. Fame isn't everything, and sometimes, being famous to a small group of people who really know you is better than being famous to a huge group that barely knows what you're about. I miss your recipes--do you think you could do a few more sometime soon? :)

Anonymous said...

Listen to Abby

Anonymous said...

I wish there was an exact formula I could tell you to make your goals and dreams with your blog come true; but blogging is an odd thing. We can write all we want, but people will choose to read or they won't. Sometimes I pour my heart on blog posts and people ignore it. It is just one of those things. But if this is what you love, you just have to keep going. Change the way you look at blogging; look at it is just something you love: do the best you can but do not put pressure on yourself about it. Also, try to get your story out there when you can and get featured -- a TON of health and fitness magazines share weight loss stories. Also, blog hop and link up's are a GREAT way to meet new bloggers and expose your blog. Then you can always purchase advertising on other blogs and guest posting. I think one of big part of blogging is networking. Best of luck to you!

Unknown said...

Don't get down on yourself sweetie! I'm still a smalltown blogger, but I would be nowhere near where I am now if I didn't spend so much time trying to befriend many of my favourite bloggers(one of which is you!) and also joining other linkups and such. Don't give up! Honestly! Watch your blog grow slowly. And I'll watch my youtube grow(hopefully) :)

I gotcha, girl!