Monday, August 4, 2014

Week of Workouts #26

Check out two weeks ago workouts here.

Back squat: 45x5, 65x4 85x4 95x4 100x3 105x2x2 110x4x2
Deadlift (pause): warmup, 105x8
Front squat: 45x5 65x2 85x2 95x1 75x3x3-4?

Back lunge to kickback ES:30#x8x3
Single leg deadlift ES:30#x8x3

Single leg ext: 45x8ESx3

Morning yoga

PM 30 minutes of some HIIT.

DB shoulder press: 15# DBS 2x12 17.5#DBS 1x10 20# 1x8
Single arm chest fly 10# 4x10

Bench press: 45x5 55x3 60x3 65x3
DB row: 25# 2x10 30#x8x6

T bar row: 75x12 80x12,10,8

Single arm DB chest press:25#x4x6
Single arm DB shoulder press: 15#x4x6

Back squat: 45x5 65x3 85x3 95x3 100x3 105x3 110x3
Deadlift pause: 95x3 105x2x6
Front squat: 45x5 65x4 70x5x3

BSL: 60# total 2x8ES

Lunge with kick back: 2x6
Single leg deadlift:2x6
Single leg side lunge:2x6

30 minutes very slow treadmill walk, mixed inclines. This was a freaking joke for me to be seen doing, so anyone in the gym should have given me a round of applause. Or just consider themselves as lucky as someone who saw a unicorn. I just needed some time to listen to music and get my mind off things.

6 minute ab work

30 minute battle ropes work
1 hour focus on form for Over Head Squats and Hang Cleans!


Bench Press: 45x5, 55x3 60x4 65x3,3
DB row: 2x10x25# 8,6x30#

Shoulder press DB: 15#dbsx2x12 17.5#dbsx10 20#dbsx8
Single arm chest cable fly: 2x10esx10# 2x5esx15#

T bar row: 2x12x75#,77.5# 10,8x80#

DB press: 25#dbsx3x5
Hang cleans: 3x5x45#

Hang clean: 50-55#, various reps.

Back squat: 45x5 65x5 85x3 95x3 100x3 105x2 110x3,3
Deadlift: 95x3 115x3 135x2 145x2 155x3,2
Front squat: 45x5 65x4 70x5x3

BSL: 60# total 2x10 ES

Lunge to kick back+single leg deadlift+slideing lunge: 2x6each,ES 30#

How did you workout this week?