Monday, November 11, 2013

Once You Go Crockpot, You Never Go Back

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You might have noticed my increased recipes using the crockpot lately. I really can't help it... it's just the PERFECT time of year to use it!

I've really been craving some lentils lately, so I decided I would try the Lentil Quinoa in the crockpot.

Oh. My. Good. Heavens. 

The DIFFERENCE! I mean, the stove top version is fantastic. Don't get me wrong.

But like in my chicken recipe, the tomato paste turns sweet and creamy! The lentils and quinoa also get to simmer and soak the liquid up longer. They're "creamy" to, in a way... the quinoa nice and fluffy.

The only things I did different were that this time, as I sauteed my veggies (I sauteed the onion, bell pepper, celery, and cabbage), I added some fresh ginger. I also sauteed some coriander seeds and herb de province with the veggies before transferring to the crock pot with the lentils and uncooked quinoa, carrots, and squash.

Also, I added the greens (kale) about an hour and a half before serving. I had put the mix on "high" this morning, and it stayed that way for around 7 hours. Then I got home, turned it to low and added the kale, and left for a doctors appointment. I returned an hour or so later to AMAZINGNESS.

Seriously! So simple. It is amazing how flavors can bloom in different ways. One of the many reasons I love to cook :)

After eating, my sister and I took a walk around the neighborhood... it's getting chilly here in Texas! (Say Whaaat?)

Please excuse my ugly flip flops!

Seriously guys. Once you go crockpot... you never EVER go back!

What slow cooking creations have you made lately?


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