Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday (Food) Madness

Happy Monday clean eaters!

You may have noticed I did not post a WIAW last week. No, this wasn't because I forgot! It was because I received a post that was WAY more fun, dynamic and interesting than any old WIAW. Check it out here!

Anyways, I continued with my idea of doing food "summaries", rather than showing you what I ate JUST the day before my WIAW post. That way, it is easier for me when I forget (which obviously happens alot) to take a picture before I get noshing!

Complied is some Monday (FOOD) Madness. Enjoy!

 A single lettuce wrap filled with veggies, leftover Italian Chicken, avocado, and hummus. With a side of some baby carrots and more hummus! 

 1/2 and apple and peanut butter with a hard boiled egg.
You might have noticed that my portions are smaller than what they have been in the past. Recently I have been practicing more mindful eating habits and really have realized I do not need so much to feel satisfied. 
 Peppermint tea. This wasn't the ONLY thing I had for breakfast! I haven't drank hot tea in a while and figured I would try it again. I drink mine unsweetened. 
Lately my tummy has been giving me issues, so hopefully drinking this more regularly with help. 
1/3 cup oatmeal, mixed with some unsweetened cocoa powder and local honey. Yum! 

 Some leftover veggies, mixed with leftover lentils and quinoa. It looks like mush. It tasted otherwise. ;)
 More CHIPOTLE!! I could live at this place. I think I had it twice in three days last week, which was my birthday week. Chipotle is one of the few places I will happily go out to eat at around here. I love that they are taking a stand against GMOS and their meat is hormone free. Their produce is also local when possible! 
Jason's Deli. Yum. I had a salad with tons of veggies, topped with hummus and balsamic vinegar  I also got a small side of their three bean salad, and their couscous salad. 

 Some more leftover lentils with veggies. Pity me and my boring tactics. 
 Holy cheese!! A squash that is not acorn? What??
Yep. My first spaghetti squash in a LONG TIME. I baked it the correct amount of time (I usually get really impatient after 45 minutes or so in the oven, and get frustrated that it still isn't done) and it was wonderful. I had it with some leftover soup (pictured below!) 
 Crockpot Turkey Soup. Oh yum! Recipe has already been posted on my guest post for Claudia. 
Not a pretty picture. But leftovers, this time sprinkled with some nooch! (Thanks Elise for the idea to use the stuff on every.thing.)


For my birthday, I made healthy brownies. And nope, they don't have beans this time! 
I usually don't eat desserts. So this was awesome! 
Chocolate Peanut Butter Walnut brownies. Recipe will come... but until then, I leave you with only the picture! ;)

What have you been eating?

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