Monday, March 24, 2014

My Week of Workouts #12

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Jeez! I needed a rest after 4 days of training in a row. I did an hour of power yoga... and not with a video, either! Remember when I did my first self instructed flow? I love the feeling of not having to rely on a video to get me through a yoga session.

Spring break is long gone for me folks! Got up at 4:45 AM again to hit the gym. BACK DAY!

Each 30 secx3
Jumping jacks
Mountain climbers/Down dog abs

Reverse push up (aka assisted pull ups) 3x10

3x10 @ 105#, 2x8 @110# (plus 3 reps when I asked for a coach to spot me. He said my form looked good!) 

T bar row:
2x12 65#, 2x8-10 70#, 2x4-5 #75, 1x AMRAP #65

Back ext w weight plate 25# 4x12

Single arm row 4x10 20# DB
Cable pull: 4x6-8 55#

I did pretty much the same workout as last week. A variation of some Loving Fit workouts.

20 pass under jump lunges 20# DB
20 no weight jump lunge
40 DB swings 20# 
20 hip thrusts 20#

12 plie hops 20#
12 plie squats 20#

12 squat hops 20#
12 DB squats 40#

8 side lunges ES 20# DB
8 back lunges ES 20# DB
8 step ups ES 20# DB
12 squat hops 20# DB

35 sec 2 way squat hop each leg
35 sec side luge twist each leg
x 7 rounds 

Chest and Battle ropes!

20 minute HIIT with battle ropes and tires.


DB chest press: 4x6 25# DBS total 50#

Double arm cable fly 8-10 
8 single arm incline press ES 20# DB
15 incline pushups 

Single arm cable fly 10 ES 5#
I woke up with a stomach virus so I did some gentle yoga in the morning, and stayed home from school. But by time my mom got home from work around 7pm, I felt alright. Time for LEGS!

I posted some videos of my last squatting session on Facebook and asked for critique from Tara at Sweat Like a Pig. This girl competes in Strongwoman competitions and overall, is just completely awesome. I took her advice and foam rolled beforehand.

10 single leg burpee ES

Back squat 3x10 75#
Zurcher Squat 3x10 80#, 2x10 85#
Back Squat 1x8 80#
Front squat 1x5 45#

SS with 12 jump squats 25# DB

10 BSS ES total 50# DB
10 TRX single leg squat ES
15 feet elevated hip trust 25# DB

10 back lunge ES 25# DB
10 side lunge ES 25# DB
Leg ext dropset, going down the rack max 150#

Dropset down rack leg curl max 90#

Sunday's HIIT

Shoulder day!

Warm up with burpees, jumping jacks, down dog abs

DB Press 1x2 25# DBS (total 50#)
Barbell press 4x6 45# 
DB frontal raises x10 (15# DBS)
DB corkscrew press x10 (15#)
AMRAP face pulls 30-40#

x3 rounds

BB behind the back shrugs x10 (40#DBS)
DB should "L" raises (12#DBS)
AMRAP Shoulder pushups

KB high pulls x10 (30#KB)
DB leaning lateral raises x12 ES (#12)
AMRAP DB bent over reverse flys (#12)
*10 burpees with bicep curl 15# DBS between each grouping



Did some more HIIT, and ended with a few sets of DB snatches. Then I did a wonderful 30 minutes of power yoga!

How have YOU worked out this week?



Femme Fitale Fit Club said...

Oh my! I see you are serious about this thing!!!! Now WHAT is self instructed yoga? Curious minds want to know. :-) Thanks for stopping by this week's #wowlinkup.

The Frugal Exerciser - Sheila Simmons said...

Looks good except I would put the deadlifts on the lunge day because dead lifts work the lower back, glutes and hamstrings. You are not giving your legs any recovery time.

The Frugal Exerciser - Sheila Simmons said...
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Rebecca said...

OMg I'm exhausted just from reading this way to go girl you are working hard. You inspire.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the feedback ladies!! <3

A self instructed flow... teehee, it's just bad wording on my part. I just mean I guided myself rather than use a DVD or video :)

And Sheila, I try to incooperate "big lifts" (squat, deadlift, pushpress) into my workouts each week and don't want to do two on the same day. That's why I chose to do DL on back day. I usually feel fine for my next leg session... hmm. Do you think it could hinder my progress?

The Frugal Exerciser - Sheila Simmons said...

I think of deadlifts as more of a leg workout than a back exercise. Yes, it works the lower back but not so much the traditional back like lats, traps and Rhomboids. I would change it up and one week do squats and deadlifts and the next week do squats, pushpress the next week. Sorry for the slow response.