Monday, March 17, 2014

My Week of Workouts #11

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Back day! Scaled back on the deadlifts to get correct form. Had both the guy trainers at my gym spotting me... said as I lift for the first pull my lower back slightly arches and straightens out again. I need to focus on keeping my chest UP! So lighter weight it is.

Each 30 secx3
Jumping jacks
Mountain climbers

Reverse push up (aka assisted pull ups) 3x10

3x8 @ 115, tried a few at 125#, scaled back to 105# for last 2 sets for AMRAP

T bar row:
1x15 55#, 2x7-8 65#, 2x4-5 #75, 1x AMRAP #65, 1x AMRAP #55

Back ext w weight plate 25# 4x12

Single arm row 4x10 20# DB
Cable pull, max at 4-5 reps 60-65#

Abs with TRX


Chest day! Hey hey heeeey!

Some HIIT with battle ropes and tire flips to start me out...

Chest press: 4x6 25# DBS (50# total)

Double Arm Cable fly (I did a few single flies at the end): 4x8-12 5# EACH SIDE
Single arm DB Press: 4x5-6 20# DB
Pushups till failure 4 sets(some elevated, some on knees)

Ended with cable fly burnout !

A bit of a mashup of some Loving Fit Workouts!

20 pass under jump lunges 20# DB
20 no weight jump lunge
40 DB swings 20#
20 hip thrusts 20#

12 plie hops 20#
12 plie squats 20#

12 squat hops 20#
12 DB squats 40#

35 sec 2 way squat hop each leg
35 sec side luge twist each leg
x 7 rounds

I knew I was going to do a boxing class Friday so I did a 20 minute HIIT workout, and then 45 minutes of power yoga focused on stretching to hips.


I enjoyed a free boxing class at Title Boxing near my house! Ive mentioned before that my first time doing the class was a great experience... It was also one of the hardest workouts I had done! 

This time I felt much stronger than last (Ive gained weight and muscle) and it wasn't as hard. I still worked hard and was sore! 

I was at my grandmothers house for her birthday. I had an AWESOME leg day at the Anytime Fitness by her house. My wonderful cousin Bailey tagged along (lol she didnt workout!) and graciously videoed me.

10 Single leg burpees ES

Back squats 3x10 75#
Zurcher squats 3x10 75#
Back squats 2x10 80# 
Front squats 2x5 45#

SS with 12 jump squats 25# DB 

Bulgerian Split Squat 3x10 ES 50# TOTAL DB
Single leg assisted squat 3x10 ES

Side lunge 2x12-10 ES 25# DB
Back lunge 2x12-10 es 25# DB

Single leg leg press: 3 sets AMRAP 30#

YIKES. SHOULDER DAY! I was still sore from bboxing in my shoulders. But I know the difference between needing rest and just being sore. 

This gym had bars with permanent weights on them, 30#-70#. So I used them for my push press instead of DBs.

Bar push press 4x9-10 40# 
DB frontal raises x10 (15# DBS)
DB corkscrew press x10 (15#)
AMRAP face pulls 30-35#

x3 rounds

BB behind the back shrugs x10 (40#DBS)
DB should "L" raises (12#DBS)
AMRAP Shoulder pushups

KB high pulls x10 (35#KB)
DB leaning lateral raises x12 ES (#12)
AMRAP DB bent over reverse flys (#12)
*10 burpees with shoulder press/pushup between each grouping

What have you been doing to workout?

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