Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week of Workouts #24 WEEK OF PRS

Yet again, Natalie has failed to supply you with the past two weeks of her training. Life gets hectic sometimes.

Basically, the past two weeks have been Weeks 3+4 of Jonnie Candito's Powerlifting Program.

The days I did not lift, I went for outdoor workouts like this with friends and did some yoga (a few games of Twister were also involved. I count it as a workout.)

Bench 45#x5, 55#x5x2, 60#x4
DB Row: 30#x8,6,6
DB shoulder press: 20# (40# total)x8,6,6
T bar row: 80#x8, 85#x6

SS facepulls: 35#x10x3
single arm chest fly: 10#x10x3

Some sprints with friends.

Todays leg day felt really good. I pumped myself up beforehand with music and foam rolling. I REALLY wanted it to be a good one!

Back squat: 45x10, 65x5, 85x 4x 95x3x2, 100x3x2
Deadlift: 95x5, 115x4x 135x3x2, 140x4

Front squat: 45x5, 65x4, 85x1x2, 90x1, 65x3x3
BSS: 50# TOTAL 3x10ES
Leg ext: 105x8, 110x8x2

I did 30 minutes of power yoga!

Sprints with my gal pal Alden in this blasted Texas heat!
20 min AMRAP 50 lb Sandbag carries, sprints, bear crawls, and crab crawls
Spider crawl width, money run width
Human pushes

Bench: 45x5, 55x3, 65x2, 75 failed, 70x1 !!!
DB row: 10,8x25 6,6x30
DB shoulder press: 10x15lb DBS, 8x6x6x 20lb DBS
T bar row: 75x1010,, 80x8,8,8,8 , 70xamrap 8

SS Pushups 4x10-8
Facepulls 40x8,8 3x8,8

DB press 4x6x 25#lb DBS

Squat: 45x10, 65x5 85x4 95x3 105x1 125x1, second attempt failed 115x1 95x3x3

Deadlift: 95x5, 115x3 135x2 155x1 165x1 135x2x3

BSL: 3x10 ES with 25# DBS

Leg ext: 3x8x105,110,115

If you looked up the word "sore" in the dictionary, my face would be right there. Oh my gosh.

I did an hour of intermediate, light yoga!

Sprints didn't work out this AM with friends, but I managed my own home workout.

10 50lb sangbag pickups
10 minutes HIIT intervals

50ish yard sangbag carry, 100 yard sprint x4
3 burpees each time sandbag touches ground

bear crawl around my house

How have you been working out?

Natalie NGYY

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