Thursday, August 22, 2013

My First YOGA VIDEO! On Youtube!

For years, I've been following fitness gurus and figures on Youtube. They often post workouts, and really these videos were where I started my fitness journey. They made it so simple: I didn't have to put together my own routine, I just needed to follow along with them!

I honestly have to say that the first few workouts I discovered online were from Cassey, from Blogilates. I started with her beginner workouts and they kicked my butt! Now I can do her advanced workouts and still enjoy the burn. What really got me loving her channel in general was her cute, bubbly personality... she never made me feel dumb or uncoordinated, like so many trainers will. It was like I had made a new best friend, and she was right there next to me working out!

So, for a while now I have really been wanting to start a Youtube channel of my own. I wanted to post videos in a nice, fun way, so that I can also help people start (or continue) their fitness journey through online workouts! This is exactly what I did yesterday...

Along with fitness workouts, I also use online yoga videos. Yesterday I had planned to use one of these videos... but then I thought, why not create one of my own? I had done it before (More on the details of my first ever self-instructed yoga flow are coming later!), so why not do it again, and this time film myself?

My sister helped to set up my lap top, and off I went. This is definitely a video from a amateur recorder... seriously. Besides the fact I'm really awkward, the lighting is a bit odd and the background not the best. BUT... overall, for my first video, I am proud. It could have been lots worse!

Anyway, here is my FIRST EVER fitness video!! A full 75 minute Intermediate-Advanced Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow. By me, the Clean Eating Teen!

Ahhh! Check it out! Share it, like it, love it, laugh at me.  It's all okay!

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