Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Life Lately: "I'm a Blogger" + Dynamite Peanut Butter?!

I really enjoyed posting my first "My Life Lately" a while back. Perhaps because it made me feel like other bloggers I read, whom I actually enjoy hearing about the regular things that happen to them on a daily bases. It's almost like you've got a weird, friendship-like bond that is developed over the interwebs? I am not sure how to explain it, but if you are also a blogger or an avid reader of some, i'm sure you know what I mean.

Or perhaps it just gives me an excuse to snap pictures every few seconds?
 "Excuse me mam, but there are no cameras allowed in the museum." 
"Oh no, trust me. I'm a blogger."  

I tried to explain the reasoning on posting things like this on Clean Eating Teen to my mother. She was confused, asking "why are you talking about going to a pool party when you're website is about fitness and health...", and I tried to point out that it helps improve the quality and diversity of content, plus it is fun for your audience, and fun to write... She still did not get it. Oh well, maybe some day momma! ;)   

Let's start with the ending of Vacation Bible School. I talked about this last "My Life"... I was a crew leader for a group of first graders, and boy, were they something to talk about! I was really blessed with a wonderful batch of kiddos, and for the most part things sailed smoothly. This picture was taken the last day. I'm standing next to my momma, and two of our best friends who also took part in helping out. 

They told the kids (and leaders, if they wanted!) to dress up like knights, kings, and queens for the last night, to end the week and the Kingdom theme with a bang! That's why I am wearing a crown in my hair. Actually, its just a necklace, but it worked... so no need to talk specifics. ;)

My sister often goes to a horse barn with her best friend, who actually owns one of the horses. My sister has been learning to ride herself, and my mom and I came out to watch one day. It was smelly, dusty, and HOT! I REALLY respect the owner of the place, as well as my sister and other riders, so taking so much time and effort out to take care of the horses. It is a TON of work, but they love every moment of it. 

Up top is me (please excuse my face) with a horse. Below is a picture of my sis riding! 

While out at the barn I found these... my sisters friend brought them as a snack. Not the healthiest of choices, but definitely something...uh, creative? 

I mean, REALLY Lays? I am not sure to be in awe of this creation, or in total disgust. Sure, the concept is really neat, but one look on the back of this... how in the world do they obtain "chicken flavoring" ? "Waffle seasoning"? Sigh. 

I also did my fair share in peeling and de-veining some shrimp for my last seafood recipe. Goodness, I know they taste good, but multiple times during this procedure I felt as if it wasn't worth it. Those little critters smell NASTY! 

My best friend Taylor, whom I've written about before, is just a big of a health nut as me. She LOVES to lift heavy, and boy... can she EVER! We went to the gym together (her local gym, I just got a 7 day free pass), and I was SHOCKED by how much stronger this girl is than me. My workout literally IS her warm up! 

She can leg press 200 lbs, people. With proper form. She's hardly 15 and does 1/3 the weight her dad can! 

I am in such awe... and yes, jealousy. Not only because she is a BEAST, but also because she has access to the gym and heavier weights than I do. I can only use what I have at home. 

So after one of our workouts, we walked back to her place (the gym is close) and made ourselves something to eat.

She also is a peanut butter freak. They just ran out of a jar, so there was an un-open one in need of being stirred. Oh man... the job of stirring the peanut butter. 

We both are aware of the mess it can cause (hence the reason for the massive wad of paper towels under the jar!). So we braced ourselves, got out a spoon, and got to work. And WHAT IN THE WORLD?! The peanut butter seemed to have fought us back! 

I am not joking. At all. The bent spoon in the picture is COMPLETELY done by the peanut butter. We shoved the spoon around, back and forth, and uh... yeah. This happened! Talk about some DYNAMITE PEANUT BUTTER. 

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I will end with this. 

A car in my neighborhood. 

Yep. That's Jackie Chan airbrushed on the back of that sucka'. Why? Don't ask me. 

So... whats been up in your life lately? 


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