Monday, September 9, 2013

Nine Things I'm LOVING

This post is a collection of some things that I really enjoy, things that make me (or my tummy!) happy.

Yay for lots of pictures!

9 Things I'm LOVING...

1) The fact that I have been able to achieve Crow Pose for longer than a split second.

2) The tomatoes from the farmers market make a rainbow! Plus, they taste 10000x better than store bought.

3) Remember all my troubles stirring peanut butter? Yeah, uh, problem solved. I think I saw this idea on Pinterest... but basically, I turned my peanut butter over so that the oil settles on the bottom of the jar. Then I placed it in the fridge like this before using so it got hard, and voila! Not stirring for this chicka. 

4) Having 7 different legumes in my house. It's a must at all times. I need some recipe ideas! Any suggestions? From top to bottem: black beans, lentils, pink beans, a form of pea, black eyed peas, pinto beans, and great northern beans.

5) Having fun people to sit next to on the bus is really great. 
Yes, I still ride the bus... I AM in high school after all! My license in coming though. 

6) Coconut oil. Oh my gosh, this stuff just seriously ROCKS MY WORLD.
There is nothing its not good for. Seriously, have you seen the list of things this can do? Deodorant, toothpaste, bug bites... and SAUTEING FOOD! My favorite is sauteing. I also like to put it directly on vegetables or sweet potatoes. 

7) Putting my apples in the fridge. I've really gotten into this for the past few months and now find I hate eating them any other way. When they're cold, they just taste so much more crisp and refreshing. Plus I think they're supposed to be stored in there anyways? 
GIANT bags of quinoa? Yes, please. You can do so much with this stuff! It is full of protein, and I love adding it into my lentils, as I did on my last WIAW. I currently have two of these bags, plus a little bit left over from a small one bought a while back. I think we can agree that if the Zombie Apocalypse happens sometime soon, I'll be all set on my stock of quinoa. 

8) Did you know that putting baking soda into boiling eggs makes the shell come off easier? Thank you again, Pinterest, for the lovely idea. Maybe it's just my imagination, but I really do think that it helps! 

And in any case, it makes a really cool reaction. I pour it in the water and it instantly fizzes! 
8) And last but not least... I love that Grumpy Cat never lies. 
Haha, actually I am a morning person by nature... but you know what? This picture cracks me up, especially with school starting again.

What are you loving?
Any recipe ideas for the massive load of beans I've collected?


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