Friday, October 11, 2013

State Fair Of Texas

I had Monday and Tuesday off from school for "fair day". Because I live so close to the Texas State Fair, we actually get holidays for it! There ARE some benefits to living in this hot climate!

 Entering the fair grounds! And the back of my momma's head (hey there mom!)

Funny story... one of the booths was an all natural dog and cat food brand, and they were handing out free samples by the handful. My whole group was down for getting some to take home (even though I actually do not own either....but free stuff!). Little did we know that the "samples" were actually rather large bags! So we had nearly 10 pounds of animal food to carry around... haha, good thing we thought well enough to turn around and put it in the car before continuing our adventure.

In the passenger seat of "my" car in one of the automobile buildings.

Right before we left, my mom, sister, god father and his son all insisted on trying this year's winning fried creation: Fried Thanksgiving Dinner. Basically, it was a bunch of "stuffing" mixed with turkey chunks, all battered and fried in balls. Served with a side of "cranberry sauce" and "gravy". Clever, I do admit... but I opted out for trying it. I'd have the runs for weeks.
 The GIANT Boar is at the Fair every year, and is one of my favorites to go see. It mainly just sits around and sleeps, but look how big the thing is! The picture doesn't do justice.

For all you butter lovers...Here is this years GIANT butter sculpture. Yep, all that... made out of butter. It set a new Guinness world record!  Probably not the best source of saturated fats but at least it looks good enough to eat!

And last but certainly not least... *drumroll please*

 Of course my godfather wanted a corn dog. Who doesn't at the State Fair of Texas?

Any other Texans enjoy the State Fair this weekend? Or plan to do so?



Anonymous said...

I LOVE going to the Texas State Fair!! Did you ride any of the rides?

Unknown said...

Isn't it so fun? :)
I did not ride any rides this year. But my favorite in the years past has been the giant UFO looking thing. The one that presses you against the sides!