Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WIAW #12!

Via Google Images 

Happy HUMP DAY everyone!
But all kidding aside, I LOVE that commercial. Geico is getting good. 

You know the drill. Time for WIAW!


A rehash of last week's breakfast (at least the oatmeal part). I had it with some carrots and peanut butter... I didn't want to finish all the carrots so I ended up using most of the peanut butter in my oatmeal. I think it tastes better in the chocolate oatmeal than in regular.


An ear of corn from the State Fair of Texas! A recap post is coming up, no worries.
I also had an apple with some almonds.


We used our grill and made some chicken! It was wonderful, crispy on the outside and SO moist on the inside. It wasn't tough at all, it cut as smooth as butter!

Please tell me... what have you been eating?


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