Thursday, October 31, 2013

Super AREPAS Recipe! Chicaloverde Guest Post

Here is the second guest post from the lovely Claudia at Chicaloverde! This time she has given us a wonderful recipe.

Check out her first guest here! 

Hello there!

Nat and I agreed to write for each other every month… exciting, right?

So today I wanted to share a very easy but special recipe with you. As I mentioned on my previous post I’m originally from Venezuela and one way to stay connected with my roots is, of course, though food.

One of my favorite foods from my country is AREPAS. These are similar to flat bread or corn bread minus the sweetness of it. Traditional arepas are made out of pre-cooked flour (the most popular brand is “Harina P.A.N.” and you can find it in some local grocery stores throughout the U.S.) but to make it more nutrient dense I love adding super foods to the mix.

Below is the recipe for my SUPER AREPAS. Don’t panic if you can’t find one of the ingredients, they will taste delicious no matter what.


- 1 cup of oats
- ½ cup Harina P.A.N., pre cooked corn flour or organic corn meal.
- 2 tbsp. chia seeds
- 2 tbsp. flax seeds
- 1 tbsp. maca powder
- 2 tbsp. hemp seeds
- 1 tbsp. unrefined coconut oil
- Water
- Sea salt


Soak the oats overnight in water, drain and rinse. Then mix all the ingredients in a bowl with your hands. Add water until all the ingredients are together forming a sort of dough. Add sea salt to taste.

Make balls with the palms of your hands and then press them until they are flat and round. Cook them in a skillet at medium temperature and for an extra crunch finish them in the toaster or the oven. Once your arepas are ready, cut them through the middle and stuff them with your favorite foods like eggs, turkey, avocado, tomato, black beans, shredded chicken, tuna, etc.

If you want to play around and be creative you can add other fun ingredients to the mix like beets, shredded carrots, squash or sweet potato.

Enjoy J


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Unknown said...

It looks delicious, thank you so much. I was searching for a clean arepa recipe, this is just perfect.

Unknown said...

I hope you enjoy Venessa! Tell me how they turn out. Claudia is so clever with her recipes! :)

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