Monday, December 9, 2013

All About CLAUDIA: A Healthy Living Inspiration

I introduced the wonderful Claudia, writer of the blog Chicaloverde, a few months ago. 

Since then she has guest posted other wonderful things, such as this amazing Arepas recipe!! 

I adore Claudia, not only because she is sweet, smart, and kind, but because she is SO down to earth. In a world full of "health gurus", many of which are very artificial, Claudia shines a special, wholesome light like the star she is :) She is such an inspiration for me, and I know many others too!

I asked Claudia some questions recently to find out more about her and her life, and here are her responses! 

1) What is your biggest dream (or dreams) for your life and why?

My biggest dream is to be able to help and inspire thousands of people to embrace a healthy lifestyle so they can inspire others to do the same and therefore, one person at a time, the earth will become a greener and happier place to live. 

I want to do this because, based on my personal experience, people don't live their lives to its fullest. Sometimes they think they are happy or healthy but hey haven't experience this to it maximum potential.  If we make changes and guide others to embrace a different lifestyle from what the regular American is used to, our future generations will live longer and better.

Eventually I'd like to have kids, a running/health coaching business and maybe even open a clean coffee shop where I can offer to my customers good quality foods that will nourish them from the inside out. 

2) How has your Venezuelan background influenced your healthy approach to life? How do you think your healthy lifestyle might benefit the future of other generations? 

My background has definitely influenced my habits a lot. When I moved to the U.S. I started putting tons of crap into my body because I found a complete different world from the one I've lived in the past 24 years. Also, because I started running longer distances I thought I could eat whatever I wanted and that's another reason why swedish fish, tortilla chips, creamy pastas and snicker bars became part of my daily diet.

After three years of eating junk I realized I was not happy with the way I looked and felt so I decided to go back to my roots. I grew up eating tons of organic fruits, lean meats, vegetables and whole grains and switching back did the work by itself. Now I feel better than ever and my performance as a runner has improved a lot.

Hopefully my healthy lifestyle will benefit the future of other generations by inspiring them to live a healthier life and make wiser choices when it comes to food and exercising.

3) If you could eat only one yummy food for a month, what would it be and why?

Definitely plantains! Thats my favorite food! I grew up eating them every day and now I rarely do since they are hard to find. I love their taste and I feel they are very versatile. Also, my grandfather used to say that plantains are the most complete food and that a person could live on them for a year.

4) What is your favorite form of fitness? 

Running. It gives me physical and mental freedom. When I run I have time to think about so many things and some times even great ideas come up! This sport has also given me some of the best friendships I have.

5) What does a day in your life look like?

Well, It always varies. 

I usually wake up early, have a cup of warm water with lime juice, a banana and then go out for a run or to a  yoga class. Then I come home and have a big breakfast (usually eggs with veggies and fruits).

After that I start taking my online classes or doing some sort of work like sending e-mails, writing on my blog or writing articles for other sites. 

Around 3 p.m. I start doing stuff around the house like laundry or cleaning and then my husband and I go to the grocery store to get whatever we are going to cook for dinner. We like to eat fresh so we go to the store almost every day.

When we get back it's usually around 6 p.m. so we start cooking together, we bless the food, eat it and then watch some TV or if I still have some work to do I get on that.

I go to bed around 10:30 pm but usually don't fall asleep until 11.

Thank you Claudia for your wonderful answers! I can't wait to have you post again here on Clean Eating Teen :)

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