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Jojo and Paul's Hummus RECIPE + A Late Thanksgiving Recap

A picture of the recipe!! 

Hey there Clean Eaters!!

I know it is already past November (but not to late to participate in the challenge!), but I still feel the need to recap my awesome Turkey Day!!

I also am including an awesome recipe from my cousins, Jojo and Paul!


We woke up that morning, and I did an awesome leg workout to start the day off right. We headed out to my grandmother's house, about an hours drive away, in East Texas. We were going to be staying until Saturday, because there was another family get together that day that we all were going to.

Because the Saturday get together was going to be bigger, we decided to not do much for Thursday. It was going to just be my mom, sister, uncle, grandmother and I on Thanksgiving day, so there really was no need to do anything special food wise when Saturday would make up for it!

Anyways, I made a dish for myself (and the others, if they wanted it!) while everyone else had squash and broccoli casserole, some quick make stuffing, and mashed potatoes. My grandmother ordered half a smoked turkey from a local barbecue shop (SO DELICIOUS!). Dessert was some Mary Calender pie.

Like I wrote about in my "Healthy Thanksgiving" guide, many home made dishes are indeed, not so "home made". All these items had such processed, pre-made, and canned ingredients (trust me, I helped my grandmother make them). I was more than happy to make some separate, whole food items for myself and anyone else who wanted it.

My dinner was half an acorn squash stuffed with a raisin-pecan stuffing, and some turkey! 


That morning, I woke up and did a shoulder and cardio workout before heading out to the get together.

My breakfast was simple, lettuce wraps with some egg and leftover turkey. 

I was SUPER excited to get to see all the family and friends at the party! I knew at least some dishes I could enjoy, because my whole-food enthusiast cousins, Jojo and Paul, always bring healthy stuff.

Seriously... these guys are AMAZING. Paul used to be a chef, for one thing! They also make their own jams and hot sauces, pictured above (from the fruit off their own fruit trees, and the vegetables from their own garden!!).

They are on a new kick, involving sprouts. They brought in a giant sprout salad made of tons of sprout varieties... they even had broccoli sprouts! The dressing was wonderful, a blend of tomatoes and basil with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. They also brought some goat cheese spreads, which I sampled (I don't think my stomach liked it too much after the fact. Darn lactose intolerance!)

Oh, did I mention they pickle their vegetables too?

My plate ended up looking like this: A leg from the turkey (I actually ended up eating both...), some sprout salad, pickled veggies and hummus, and some goat cheese topped with some of my cousin's home made jam!

AWFUL picture. I know.

I also decided to treat myself. Paul made a coconut cake... an incredibly non-healthy one at that. He used sugar, regular butter, and other milk products... things I ALWAYS steer clear away from.

However, I eat 100% clean and healthy 365 days a year. You know my feelings towards the 80/20 rule, and how "moderation" doesn't work for me. So if I ever crave a sweet, I make my own healthy version... but, this cake was not processed. Sure, he used sugar... but it wasn't the fake, harmful kind. Yes it had other ingredients I didn't agree with, but you know what? It was anything BUT something that I could buy from the store, full of chemicals.

So... I had some! Boy, was it yummy. However, my stomach SERIOUSLY didn't agree. I actually woke up the next day vomiting (sorry for TMI, but I speak the truth here on Clean Eating Teen!)

Kinda just goes to show that your body KNOWS what is good for it, and what isn't, huh? ;)

Now, on to the recipe I promised!! This is the recipe for the hummus Jojo and Paul brought.

Jojo and Paul's Hummus
4 cloves garlic
1 tsp sea salt
process first in food processor to chop garlic fine.

2 15 oz cans garbanzo beans (good store brand or Progresso) drained but reserve liquid.
1/4 cup tahini (important do not leave out)
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp ground cayenne pepper
juice of 1 lemon

Process with garlic in food processor until smooth adding reserved garbanzo liquid as needed to get desired consistency.

And there you have it folks!! A recap of my awesome Thanksgiving, plus a super yummy recipe that I suggest trying NOW. It is so much cheaper, and tastier, than buying store bought. It is even better than my past hummus recipes

How was your Thanksgiving? What did you eat?
Have you ever made your own hummus?


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