Sunday, December 1, 2013

Elf For Health 2013!

Hey there Clean Eaters!

Way back when (well, a year ago!), I wrote a post about my participation with an event called Elf For Health Holiday Challenge.

elf4health headerY2 Elf For Health 2013
(Image via The Lean Green Bean's blog)

The event is a large, online support system created my Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean and Elle from Nutritionella.

A bit more information on the event...

It is a challenge that runs through late November to late December. You have daily "challenges" to help keep you on track during the holidays . These challenges fall into four categories: "Food, Fitness, For You, and For Others."

Over the course of the challenge, you are assigned an "elf"... aka a buddy that you email and support daily, that helps you with personal goals as well as the Elf Challenges.

Not to mention, weekly there are prizes for best Elf! Some of the awesome sponsors include Manitoba Harvest, Nature Box, Nutzo and more!!

How awesome does this sound? I am totally ECSTATIC to get to participate again this year. I did decently last year, but REALLY want to kick things up a notch this year. My elf and I are totally going to dominate! :)

(See, I even grabbed a blogging button! Check out the side bar for a peek. If you are also a blogger, you can get it too on Lindsays or Elles blogs!)

Speaking of my "elf"... LAST year I had the awesome opportunity to be partnered with Kristen, a fellow blogger. She was an amazing person to get to know and we had lots of fun with emailing eachother and doing the daily activities.

This year, I am blessed with being introduced to a wonderful girl named Megan. We have emailed eachother a few times, and already I can tell we will become fast friends :) We both love to workout, eat healthy, and heck... we both even like romantic movies! ;)

The challenges have JUST began... so I am sure I will fallow up this post with some info on how things are going!

I also will be updating on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on our progress.

Also, the deadline for this first round (two weeks) of Elf For Health is at a close. But you can still hook up on the Facebook page, participate in Twitter, and sign up for the next round in December!

So... are you participating in any holiday challenges, such as Elf For Health or Clean Eating Teen's "No Excuse November Challenge" ?

Happy holidays!


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