Friday, May 2, 2014

My Week of Workouts #17

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My body has changed so much. My muscles are getting bigger.


Oh back day. 92 deadlifts were in order today.

54321 deadlifts x6 rounds at 110#
1 rep 115# 1 rep 135#

T bar row: 70# 2x10, 75# 2x6-8, 80# 3-4, 85# 2x2, 70# AMRAP

Single arm row3x8,6,6 25#
Single arm cable row pulse: 3x8,6,6 15#

Give me mercy!! Yoga was in store today. Thank the Lord.

I did a new type of workout today! I basically took 10 reps of 3-4 moves and put them in a set, and repeated the set 3 times before moving on to the next. I think I did 6 sets total.

Movements included:

Weighted jump lunge
BW jump lunge
Weighted step up
DB swings
Back lunge with kickback
DB Single leg deadlift
Deep Squat
Single leg squat

Awesome chest and BATTLE ROPE DAYYYY


DB Chest press, 1x2 30# DBS, 4x6 25# DBS

Single arm incline press: 4x6 20#
Single arm chest cable fly (1 high, 3 mid): 4x10-15
10 elevated pushups on Smith machine x4

Got legs for daaaaayz.

54321 low squats: 4 rounds @ 75#

BSL: 2X10 ES 25# DBS
TRX single leg squat ES: 2x10
glute kickback cable strap: 2x15 10#

Back lunge with kickback es: 2x12 25#
single leg deadlift es: 2x12 25#
glute kickback with ankle cable strap: 2x15 10#
Dropset and single leg work on leg ext 3 rounds

DEEP squats with 30# kettlebell for a few rounds of 5 reps

I started off my morning with 30 minutes of HIIT. Then I did the Pretty Muddy 5k!! Details to come soon.

I did another 30 minutes of HIIT this morning and some ab work.

This afternoon I hit the gym for some shoulders!! I used THIS awesome routine from P Fit. 
I also worked on some front squats. Im getting better!

How did you workout this week?


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