Monday, October 28, 2013

I Ran The Amazing Technicolor 5k!

Hey there Clean Eaters. Boy, have I had an exciting weekend!

Not only was the weekend homecoming for me (so a late Friday night football game, plus a late Saturday night dance!), but Saturday morning I ran the Amazing Technicolor 5k! My boyfriend and his family invited me and my family to participate. We had a BLAST getting soaked in colorful powder rainbows. This was my first ever 5K, and I couldn't think of a better way to experience it.

For those who do not know what the race was, it was similar to any other color race. Instead of paint, you are given packets of color to throw at people. Also, every 1/2 mile there is a station where volunteers are lined up tossing a color at you!

That morning, we woke up and headed out to the race. We got to the site 45 minutes before the race started at 9am... With a rainy forcast ahead, we were happy when there was yet a raindrop in sight. But, as luck would have it... we parked our car, and the storm started pouring. Running up into the check in area in freezing Fall rain was definitely something to remember.

Inside the check in area, Jasons Deli and Panera Bread had donated some fuel for the race! I grabbed a banana and some of the other guys got cinnamon rolls and granola.

The group before the race started. We are all wet from the rain! My sister, on the far right, is holding one of the color powder packets. 

Soon enough, 9am came around and miraculously the rain stopped. The sun was shining and you couldn't have been able to tell it was ever storming to start with! And on the positive note, the race began...

We all started together, but some of us wanted to run and others preferred to walk. Even those of us who ran did not stay as one... we all had different speeds! The boys all sprinted the entire way and were far ahead of us all. I ran most of the time, but stopped periodically to be with my sister and my boyfriend's sisters.

Here is a picture we snapped a mile or so through! We had just passed one of out first color stations and were covered in pink powder. 
Also, here we are running on a bridge over the highway. I thought it was so cool that all the cars were honking in support at the runners! 

The race went by QUICKLY! Usually, when I ran (the few times that that actually happens on my own. Seriously... running isn't my hobby!) it seems to take FOREVER. I really respect passionate marathon runners in this sense... I don't know how they do it.

But in any case, I felt like time flew by. I finished the race in about 40 minutes, mostly running but also stopping to walk backwards and catch up with my sister.

My sister got some powder thrown on her... mostly in her eye. Ha! Makes for a beautiful picture though. Also, her eyes really pop with that color! ;) 

About halfway through I got really warm in my jacket. Initially I had it on under my shirt for warmth (it was cold when it was raining!), but I had to yank the thing off! Whew. I carried it the rest of the time in my hands.

Before I knew it, I was crossing the finish line. I crossed it alone, with the adults, my sister and my boyfriend's sisters not far behind. I caught up with the guys and we waited for the others to finish as well.

Then... it was time for the after party! This was just as fun as the race. There was a great DJ and everyone did the cupid shuffle... also, while everyone was in a group, he told us to take our powder packets and throw it up in the air at the same time. For a few seconds you couldn't see through the fog!!

Look at all that color! 

Many pictures were taken of the group post-race. We were seriously on a (runners?) high for hours afterwards.

My mom, sister and I. I love being able to keep my running bib! My mom and sister did not care to keep theirs. 

All of us after the race!! 
 Me and a friend of mine and my boyfriends, from school. This kid is so fun to be around. He also is one sharp dresser... no joke, after the race he went and changed into some fancy shirt and pants and had to head to another event. I guess he is also Mr. Popular! ;) 

Such a cute picture!! My boyfriends sisters and my sister. See all that colorful powder on the ground?

The race overall was one of the most incredible events I have ever been to. EVERYONE was in a great mood, and all runners cheered and supported one another.

It was hilarious, too, the looks my mom, sister and I got after leaving the race. We actually had a dental appointment at noon and had no time to change so... yeah. We went looking like giant blobs of rainbow.
We got lots of smiles though! Seems that the race was a popular event, because everyone knew where we had came from.

So... after such a busy morning, I also had to be ready for HOMECOMING that night! Thank heavens that color came out from my hair and skin. I do have to admit though, I had to part my hair on the opposite side than I was planning, because my scalp was stained pink there! Ha!

Have you ever ran a 5k or other race? How was it?



Teen Cavegirl said...

This looks like so much fun! I loved your pictures. :D

Unknown said...

It was a blast. It was my first ever 5k too! :)
I definitely suggest to sign up for a color run ASAP! ;)