Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIAW #13 Banana Ice Cream?!

Hello and happy Wednesday! Before I even say anything, I have to start with this.


Holy cow man. One frozen banana, cut into slices, with peanut butter (mixed with cinnamon!) in between. It is JUST like ice cream! I had this as a snack, and I had to put some back in the fridge for later because it was so rich.

I had heard of this nifty trick before on blogs, and even in a Youtube video from Davey Wavey (one of my favorite health gurus!). I have no idea why it has taken so long for me to get around to trying it!

I can see why frozen bananas so easily make for fantastic, healthy ice cream when blended. I may want to try some different flavor combinations and see what I can come up with... I think vanilla extract would make it super yummy too.

Anywho... on to the eats!


A non dairy yogurt and a hard boiled egg (not pictured)

I used to have an addiction to Chobani. Like, seriously, I would go through a large container of their Vanilla greek yogurt in a matter of days. However, back when I ate yogurt regularly (over a year ago), I was having some stomach issues in which I couldn't detect the source.

It's embarrassing, but I constantly felt bloated and queasy. For months I had an INTENSE, sharp pain in my abdomen, and nothing the doctor suggested helped. (Actually, they had just prescribed me a medication called Nexium to reduce acid reflux. I was NOT about to take that- the side effects are awful, plus it goes against the holistic approach I support- so I knew it was time to get serious in finding out what was causing my issues.)

Eventually, I made the connection to my stomach problems and the yogurt. Yep. Just like my grandmother, turns out I am lactose intolerant! So bye bye yogurt for me and with it, all my dreams.

UNTIL... BOOM. Enter So Delicious. They make non dairy milks, yogurts (I have yet to locate their Greek kind!), and even ice cream! I've been anticipating trying this for quite a while now, but their products are a bit pricey so I've had to wait until now. I got the plain flavor, but it still tasted AMAZINGLY sweet (like coconuts, duh). And no tummy troubles!


Leftover sauteed veggies. 

Oh, poor boring old me. Bringing my mess of a thing to lunch for everyone to ponder "What on earth is that child consuming?" Ah, I'm used to it.

Maybe it doesn't look so appealing, but really it was quite tasty... just a melody of some farmers market as well as store produce. At school my boyfriend insisted the squash looked like bananas, but never mind him! ;)


The delicious invention mentioned above. Please disregard my horrifying nails.


Bell peppers stuffed with leftover lentils and a bit of chicken meat.

Getting creative with leftovers! Woot woot.

So... what have you been eating?

Any favorite allergy-friendly brands that you adore?


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Unknown said...

I love eating bananas like that too :)