Friday, November 1, 2013

NO EXCUSE November Challenge!

Can you believe that 2013 is nearly at an end? This year has seriously flown by!Since it is November, the start of the holiday season, I thought it would be a great idea to challenge you readers and end this year with a bang.

With the cold winter months creeping up, people often find that their pants get a bit snug... SO much food, sweets, and opportunities to skip a workout are extremely common now that holidays, family get together, and freezing weather is upon us! 

What better time to make a resolution to keep to your health and fitness goals that you made waaay back in January? THIS is the time to stay on track, determined, and focused... not in two months, when resolutions are abound and you think to yourself "Well, maybe this year Ill achieve that!".

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 No... these next 60 days, when everyone is stuffing their faces yet still complaining about weight gain, the thought of summer and bikini season, ext... YOU will be the one everyone is in awe of. You will be the one who stays motivated and be the inspiration for your peers to keep healthy even when Christmas cookies and New Years champagne glasses are clinking!  

Now, this challenge is NOT about deprivation. In fact, quiet the contrary... it is obvious that with this time of year, comes varies traditions, foods and opportunities that are not usual the rest of the year. After all, grandmas pumpkin pie is only present at Thanksgiving! 

What this challenge IS about is staying on track with your health. Like I have mentioned and proven in many past posts, I don't fallow the "80/20" rule. To me, it doesn't work, nor does it make much sense. Why put crap in your body for your "20%" when you can make yourself that same thing, but in a healthy way?

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Perhaps YOU can be the one who brings that pumpkin pie this year! Or be the one who makes the stuffing, or the cake, or the turkey... the new twist will be that your food is actually a HEALTHY version of the once nutritionally void one. 

This challenge is also about more than just food. It is also going to be about staying active! 

I know that during the cold days approaching, NOTHING sounds better than getting a few extra hours of sleep in, rather than lacing up your shoes for a run. Or perhaps, with so many parties to go to and family to visit, you just don't feel you have time for a workout. 

Let me set something straight. If you REALLY want something, you will make time for it. You will find a way. If you don't really want it... than you won't. I have written a post about solutions to your "problems", and this was one of those topics. 

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One of my favorite quotes ever! 

I know that life happens. People have family, spouses, kids, work, school... but most of the time, we focus more energy on trying to find a way OUT of uncomfortable or inconvenient situations than what time and effort just doing the thing really would have taken! Because COME ON... when is the last time you ever told yourself, "I really regret that workout!" 

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So in a nutshell, here is the challenge I present you:

For these next two-three holiday months, you will stay on track with your health, both food and fitness wise. You will not be deprived. You can and will make healthy versions of all your favorites, for you and your family to enjoy.
You will also keep active. You will keep with your regular workout schedule, or if you are not currently active, strive to get moving 3-5 days a week for at least 20 minutes. 



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I don't know about you, but these simple ideas seem pretty easy, and even FUN, to manage! ;)

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And do not worry... these next few months, I will be featuring posts of holiday recipes, workouts, and ideas and motivation to keep you ON TRACK! 

I also would love to feature some guest posts to anyone who is open to sharing how to plan to accomplish this challenge, or any other challenge they've made this holiday season!

Are you ready for the challenge? 



Mint C. D. / Deirdre said...

I'll try to do this as best as I can!

Mint C. D. / Deirdre said...

I could definitely use the hemp for smoothies