Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Week of Workouts #16

Catch up on last weeks workouts here.


BW TRX rows: 3x8-10

54321 method Deadlifts at #110, 6 rounds
2x1 125#, 2x1 135#!!! 

T bar row: 2x10 65#, 2x8 70#, 2x5-6 75# 2x3-4 80#, 2x2 85#, AMRAP 65#

I was pooped by this point so added minimal accessory work:

Single Arm DB ROW 2x6 25#
Single arm row cable pullback with pulse: 2x8 15#

Horrible picture but using what I have ! 

Chest and Battle ropes!


1x1 DB chest press 30# DBS (TOTAL 60#) !!
4x6 DB chest press 25# DBS (total 50#)

Single arm flat db chest press: 4x8 20#
Single arm chest fly (2x high 2x mid level) 4x15 5#
10 pushups, some on toes, knees, elevated

ab work

Power yoga and ab work... needed to recovery after 94 deadlifts on monday!!

Yay for plyo leg day!!

40 20# DB swings
20 elevated thrusts 20#

20 pass through jump lunges
20 BW jump lunges

DB squat 40# 10
squat jump 10
plie squat 20# 10
plie jump 10

single leg step up ES
single leg side lunge ES 20#
single leg back lunge ES 20#
single leg deadlift ES 20#
10 REPSx5 

8 min curcuit legs 

I wasn't sure if I would be up for leg day to day after my leg plyos yesterday. I was off school for good Friday and didn't go to the gym in the AM, instead I did 30 minutes of HIIT to start off my day.

Around 7pm my mom got home from work and I decided to go ahead with legzzzz! So. Sore.

I used the 5-4-3-2-1 set method on my squats after reading a post from Nia Shanks
10 single leg burpees ES 20# total DB

54321 method LOW squats, 75# x4 rounds.
1x15 65#

1x15 55#
 1x15 45#
 3x3 front squats 45#

TRX pistols 3x10 ES
BSL 3x10 ES 50# DB
Feet up hip thrust 3x20 25#

Single leg deadlift 3x12 ES 25#
Single leg back lunge and kick 3x12 ES 25#

Leg ext 7 normal, 7 half up, 7 half down, 7 slow 85# 3 sets

Finished with some DEEP squats, body weight and with a 30# kettle bell. Normal stance and feet together. SS with jump squats and KB swings.


3x1 55#, 4x3-4 50#, 4x6-8 45#

DB corkscrew press x10 (15#)
DB frot raises x10 15# DBS
AMRAP face pulls 35-30# (focused on feeling the move vs weight)
x3 rounds

DB shrugs x10 (45#plates, then 35# weights)
DB should "L" raises (12#DBS)
AMRAP Shoulder pushups

KB high pulls x13 (30#KB)
DB leaning lateral raises x10 ES (#15)
AMRAP DB bent over reverse flys (#12)

20 shoulder press jump squats with medicine ball 


These are some CAGE FREE Easter eggs we dyed Hehe mine is the Harry Potter one :)

Ended the week with a nice round of HIIT and abs before heading to celebrate Easter with family.

What have you done to workout?



GiGi Eats Celebrities said...

THIS MORNING I DID THE BEST exercise class ever - and for me to say that is saying something because I HATE CLASSES! This was called U BAR. It wasn't "I want to die intense" - it was just perfect and then at the end of the class, I definitely felt like I got a good work out and now... I am starting to feel very SORE!

Unknown said...

I havent tried any "classes" per say... Well, I've done spinning (OMG NEVER. EVER. AGAIN) and some free Crossfit things. But never anything like Barre or Body Pump. I will see if there is a U BAR class near me!! <3