Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Counting Macros: Why I'm Taking the Plunge

Counting Macros? 

Some of you might be wondering what this even means. If so, check out a great article from Carrie at This Fit Chick.

Basically, it just means tracking how many of each macro nutrient (Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats) that your body requires each day in accordance to your training, gender, age and goals, and eating in order to fill those need. 

Why am I doing this?

If you read my weekly workout roundups, you know how serious I am about my training. For the most part, eating clean has made me feel and look good.

But what happens when I am tired of JUST "feeling good?" And not to mention, I don't ALWAYS feel good. I often have tummy problems, and I am not afraid to admit that I have suffered from food guilt because I over think things.

Was that too much fruit in one day? Too much honey in my oatmeal? It is ridiculous to be so worried about what I am eating when I know it is nourishing my body. I am done with this mindset! 

Side by side comparison... LEFT is before. RIGHT is after, about one week into counting macros. 

I have looked into Macro Counting for months now, and have seen how it has impacted peoples lives. Almost everyone who has tried it has loved it and had success...

Improved training

Better results, more muscle definition

Increased energy and better mood

No food guilt

When everything you eat fits into your needed macro nutrients for the day, there is NO NEED to feel guilty about consuming them. Also, by giving your body EXACTLY what it requires, it functions at an optimal level. 

I know what you might be thinking. Has Natalie gone insane? Is she going to join the "If It Fits Your Macros" Poptart bandwagon? 

Not quiet for me. Lol! 

Of course not. While I am humble and will admit that my mind is now more open to the idea, I still believe that whole foods is the best option for your body.

I don't want to pump by body with fake food and chemicals, and even the experts will tell you that- no duh- you will get faster results with healthy food.

What this DOES mean is that I no longer have to panic or feel bad whenever I want a healthy treat.

No longer will I have to worry if I ate too much, too little... the pressure is off!  Not to mention... hopefully I will now be able to see more definition in my muscles, and will notice an increased performance in the gym.

I recently bought an ebook by Krissy Cagney, called "Flexible Dieting", that has helped me calculate my macro needs. I also have talked to Carrie from This Fit Chick, who is SO supportive, amazing, and knowledgeable. 

With their help and support, and the support and knowledge of all my readers and fellow bloggers... I am excited to see what is to come. I will give it a few months, and if I don't see or feel a difference, I will stop. Simple!  

What is your opinion on counting macros?
Have you had success or failure with it?


PS: I know that everyone is different, and in no way am I advocating that counting macros is for you. I only believe that EVERYONE should nourish their bodies with wholesome foods, in the way that BEST WORKS FOR THEM. Listen to your own body! 

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GiGi Eats Celebrities said...

I don't like counting anything actually, it's too confusing and takes too much brain power for me, lol! Numbers are not really my thing. That being said, I am hoping it works for you!