Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Get Fit OUTSIDE This Summer

As you know from my recent Week Of Workouts, I have begun to take some of my workouts outside now that the warmer weather is here!
I think that it is so important to change up your routine every once in a while to keep yourself motivated and to make things interesting.
Usually I work out in the gym (or at home), almost always alone. The past week when my friend John invited me for sprints and other hellish cardio outside at a football field, I was so excited!
Seriously... just the smallest changes to your exercise schedule can make a HUGE difference. Besides the fact that your body becomes used to the same routine, switching things up is the only way to stay sane and to stay consistent with a fitness lifestyle.
Now that summer is rolling in for my American readers... it is the perfect time to get active outside! Go for some sprints at the track, walk your dog around the neighborhood, or meet up with some friends to swim!
Today I have a special guest post from DogVacay, bringing you a great workout idea for this summer.

Try out the workout and let me know in comments what you thought!

How do you stay fit in summer?


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