Monday, June 23, 2014

Week of Workouts #23

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So this week was filled with fun!! I went to visit my best friend Abby (from Yes to Yummy) for the first time EVER! We had SUCH a blast!! I am going to write a whole blog post dedicated to the trip (and the food) so stay tuned!

Pretty tricky leg day today! I was still SUPER sore from burpees with John.

squat: warm up, 95x5, 95x4-5
deadlift 125x5, 125x5

Some accessories lifts like lunges, single leg deadlifts

Met up with friends again for an awesome workout at the football field.

It included sprints, burpees, various crawls and... CAR PUSHING.


I had to catch my plane to see Abby at 930, and I knew I would be sitting down for a few hours. I kinda mixed it up!

bench press: 50#x6x3 sets
Front squat: 65#x533-4 set
DB row: 25#x6, 30#x6x2set
Shoulder press: 20#x6x3set
Pullback: 45-50#x6x3 set
Leg ext: 3x10 90#?
Ended with some ab work and DB snatches


Abby and I got to fit in an AWESOME HIIT workout today!!

35 sec on, 25 sec butt kicks eachx 5 rounds

Burpees with tuck jump
Snatch right side (I used 25#)
Jump lunges/db swings
Snatch left side
Competition burpees
High knees

Lots of walking around the beautiful NYC!

More NYC walking ;)

Abby and I went for a long walk around her neighborhood (great weather and such pretty greenery!)

Then after I got off the plane, I went to the gym for a quick 30 minute workout with battle ropes and some biceps.

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Awesome week of workouts!!!