Friday, January 24, 2014

Personal Ramekin Stuffed Peppers!

Hey there Clean Eaters!

So in the past, I have featured some stuffed bell peppers on my WIAW's. I figured it was about time to share the recipe because I need to fulfill all these recipe promises I make.

These stuffed peppers are so easy to make. I think the ramekins give them a personal touch... plus it is a fun way to get kids to eat. Or, for adults, it is a fool proof way to use portion control if you do that sort of thing!

Personal Ramekin Stuffed Peppers

4-5 Bell peppers, wide and pretty large
1 lb lean ground turkey or beef, preferably organic
Medium onion, diced
1/2 cup diced mushroom
Clove fresh garlic
2 medium tomatoes
Handful chopped cilantro
TBSP coconut oil
2 TBSP tomato paste per pepper
TSP chile powder
TSP smoked paprika
1/2 TBSP garlic powder
black pepper
sea salt
1 oz cheese per pepper, organic (OPTIONAL)

1) Heat your oil over medium high heat. Saute the onion, garlic and mushroom until tender, then add in your meat and seasonings. Brown the meat, adding water or unsalted stock/broth for moisture if needed.

When it is almost done, add in the cilantro.

2) Rinse and deseed your peppers! 

You can see if they fit into their ramekins too. If you don't have ramekins, you could use cups or a glass container, but it won't be nearly as fun.

3) Dice up your tomato. Line the peppers with some tomato chunks, and also the tomato paste.

5) With the browned meat, fill up the bell peppers. Top them with more fresh tomato, tomato paste, and cilantro. If you are using cheese, top it last. 

6) Put the lids back on your peppers and over each ramekin with foil. Bake in the oven at 375 for about 30 minutes, or until the peppers have visibly changed color and are soft! 

Easy peasy! Now don't tell me you can't find time to throw these in the oven. Seriously, they took me a grand total of 20 minutes hands on time! Maybe your time will be even less if you have a spouse, room mate, or kids to help. 

Do you practice portion control? How?
What -healthy- foods do your kids like?


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