Monday, January 6, 2014

My Week of Workouts #1

Happy Monday Clean Eaters! I hope you all have had a great weekend and are ready to tackle the new week (AND the New Year!) ahead.

I enjoy reading what other bloggers are up to fitness wise (kind of how Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean posts her "Fitness Fridays"!) So I figured, hey... I workout every day. Why not blog about it more?!

Plus, it is a way to keep me motivated and on track ;)

I promise to be more detailed as time goes on. This post probably won't be the most intricate just because I didn't make note to remember the exact routine I did that day.


Back and Biceps

FINALLY!! After a few years of wanting one, I got a Polar Heart Rate Monitor today. So far so good. Maybe I could do a review? 

Wednesday (first day of 2014!!)
25 minutes of HIIT (with my new Polar!)
1 hour of Power Yoga

You never disappoint me Bob!

Bob Harper Cardio Conditioning (I reviewed this previously!)
20 minute Blogilates video "Booty Booty Booty"

I did a workout I found on Krissy Mae Cagney's Facebook. I LOVE it!

Pardon my arm hair. KRISSY DOESN'T MESS AROUND. 

35 minutes HIIT
This was an AWESOME workout that I found from Krissy too. It went like this:
-1 min incline sprint
-20 box jumps (No box so I did tuck jumps)
-GHD sit ups (No GHD machine so I did V ups)
-100 jump ropes
-20 spilt jumps
-20 mountain climbers
*5 rounds*

35 minutes Bicep and Tricep

Gotta love leg day! 

I got inspired for this one from a workout from Muscle Pharm on Facebook. I've been getting a lot of idea via the Internet lately! I modified for my time available, plus added a few things.

10 burpees
12 sliding lunges, forwards and back (equals 1 rep)x12 ES

10 1 leg weighted burpees ES

Squats (increasing weight each time)
Squat Jumps xnumber of squats done

10 Bulgarian Split Lunges ES
10 Weighted Step Ups ES

1 Minute weighted walking lunges 

Leg Curls (1/4 method)x10
Glute Cable Kickbacks x12 ES
Leg Extensions (28 method)

On a side note...

One of my New Years GOALS is to gain muscle. I am SO EXCITED to say that after some emailing, I am going to start working with Krissy as my coach. I told her my goals and I know she is trustworthy to make them happen :)

So, on that note... expect some more structured, detailed WORKOUT POSTS every week!!

What have you been doing to workout?
Have you ever worked with a coach while training?


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