Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Week Of Workouts #4

I am proud to have my 4th installment of My Week Of Workouts out today!! I really like keeping track of what I am doing. It keeps me motivated and I like that it gives my readers an idea of my training.

If you didn't see last weeks, this has similar workouts. I think I should try to stick to similar routines, at least for a few weeks, to see any real improvement. I will try to start recording weight numbers too.


I recently got some new gear... I'm wearing a FILA top from Kohls.

HIIT and Chest

3 rounds of the cardio interval I found from Krissy before. I cut it short two rounds so that I could still do chest.
-1 min incline sprint
-20 box jumps (No box so I did tuck jumps)
-GHD sit ups (No GHD machine so I did V ups)
-100 jump ropes
-20 spilt jumps
-20 mountain climbers


Incline DB Press: 3x12 15#
Incline DB Fly: 3x12 10#

Flat Heavy DB Press: 5x12,12,AMRAP (#15,#20,#20,#25,#20)

Pec Deck: 4x12 (I kept around 30-40#range)
Pushups till failure 

Cable Crossovers: 4x12 (5#)
Flat DB Fly: 4x12 (15#)

Ended with some ab work

Today was a holiday, so no Teacher Workout!



I've said it before, I'll say it again. Back days tend to be the most difficult for me, NOT because it is a harder day, but because it is hard for me to work my back when I can't visually see it. Last week's session went better than today.

T-bar row 5x12 (The highest I went was 17.5#. Had to go down. I really wanted to feel my back working.)

Deadlift 5x12,12,10,8,8 (Progressed up in weight. I had a total of 80# at the end, 115# including the bar)

Behind back pulldowns 4x12 (around 30-35#)
Double arm row: 4x10 ES (Started with 20# but moved down to 15#.)

Back extensions 4x12 (25#)
Double arm row 4x12 (10# DBS)

Cable row 4x12 (Around 30#) 

I liked that I PRd on Deadlifts, but other than that I wasn't feeling it like I wanted to. Theres always next week! 

Teachers Workout:
45 sec on, 15 sec off x25

Jumping Jacks
Tricep Dips off chair with front kick
4 chair tow taps+2 jumping jacks
Bear Crawl with jump up
Squat with front kick


Bob Harper to the rescue. Left me feeling great! And red faced.

Teachers Workout
45 sec on, 15 sec off x25

Plie squat pulse and jump
Plank with feet on chair
Chair tricep pushups
Reverse plank kicks
Star jumps


Today I did an awesome hour power yoga, and finished with a Bob Harper Yoga abs (15 min)

I also did yoga with the teachers today.



Similar to what I have been doing. I have been wanting to get to 25lbs on my push press and still am working on it!!

30 sec burpee with pushup
30 sec BOSU plnk
30 sec weighted jumping jacks

Pushpress 4x 10 (15#), 8 (20#), 8 (20#), 6 (20#)

DB frontal raises x10 (15# DBS)
DB corkscrew press x10 (15#)
AMRAP face pulls (20-25#)
x3 rounds

BB behind the back shrugs x10 (35#DBS)
DB should "L" raises (15#DBS)
AMRAP Shoulder pushups

KB high pulls x10 (30#KB)
DB leaning lateral raises x10 ES (#12)
AMRAP DB bent over reverse flys (#12)

*10 burpees with shoulder press between each grouping


Legs! No new squat PRs this week.

Side+back lunge combo x12 ES (25# db)
10 single leg burpee ES (10#DBS)

Squats, 15 (#55), 12 (#75), 12 (75#), 10 (#80) 8  (#85), 4 (90#)
Squat jumps x12 after each

BSL x10 ES (15#,20#,25#)
Step up x10 ES (same weights)

Glute kickback 3x 10,8,6 (#85, #100, #105)
Hamstring curl 3x (#40) (dropset max #80) (dropset)
Leg ext 3x (#70) (dropset max 115) (dropset max 130)

TRX Single leg squat x10 ES
Glute raises with weight plate x30


HIIT and yoga

35 sec first interval, 25 sec second x30
I can't remember all the moves I did, but they included things like:
burpees, high knees, wall climbers, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, ext!

I was pretty pooed from that (plus sore from leg day). I did a 30-40 minute yoga class that I thought would be a hip opener... it was, but it was also harder than I imagined it would be! Haha.

What have you been doing this week?


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