Monday, January 20, 2014

My Week of Workouts #3 New PRs!!

Woo hoo! Time for another round up of this Clean Eater's workouts. Check out my first two posts if you missed them!

I am working on increasing weights at the gym. I need to start keeping a journal! I see people bringing them to the gym. I can't believe I haven't yet.

Cardio+ Arms (Bi and Tri)

Same AWESOME cardio as last week. I got it from Krissys FB page.

-1 min incline sprint
-20 box jumps (No box so I did tuck jumps)
-GHD sit ups (No GHD machine so I did V ups)
-100 jump ropes
-20 spilt jumps
-20 mountain climbers
*5 rounds*


Dips x12
Overhead DB tricep dips x12

Tricep cable pull downs x12
Single arm tricep extensions 12xES 


Hammer Curls
Regular Curls

Teacher Workout:

45 sec on, 15 sec off x25

Jumping Jacks
Plie pulse with hop 
Burpee with pushup
Squat with side leg kick
High knees plus butt kick  


Did this awesome power yoga video. 

I did yoga with the teachers today for about 30 minutes too. 


Look at that red face!! Hahaha.

Bob Harper to the rescue!! 

Teacher Workout
This one about had them in tears. One teacher recently had a baby and said my workouts are harder than giving birth. Wow.

45 sec on, 15 sec off x25

Squat jumps (holding a big school book!)
Tricep dips off chair 
Step ups on chair (holding book)
Jump rope
Back lunge with kick 


I am working hard but this number seems low. Is this normal for weight lifting? Perhaps it is because I don't weigh very much. 


Changed things up a bit. I felt it more in my back this time! I have trouble on back day often. Sometimes it is hard for me to REALLY feel my back working.

I also have trouble grasping onto DBs and BBs sometimes. My wrists start to go weak and I can't hold it. I didn't have as much trouble today. 

30 sec on, 5 sec off x12 rounds

Burpees with pushups
Plank tuck ins on BOSU 
T Bar Row- 4x12


Back Extension with 25lb weight plate-4x12

Single Arm Row-3x10

Behind Back Lat Pulldown- 4x12
paired with...
DB Pullover 2x12
Reverse fly 2x12

Seated Cable Row 5x12/10

Today was yoga with the lovely ladies, about 30 minutes. 



Same as last week. I really am trying to get up to the 25lb DBs on push press! I could probably do 22.5lb... just not 25s yet. Poo! 


An AMAZING leg day!! I did basically the same as I have the past two weeks, with a few different methods this time. 

Today was also a day of a few new PRs!!! I need to start documenting weight # anyways so I will try to do so today and from now on. 


12 Sliding Lunges (1 back+1 side=1 rep) ES- 25 lb DB
10 Single Leg Burpee with two 10lb DBs

20 (10#), 15 (20#), 12 (30#), 10 (40#), 8 (45#), 6 (50#), 4 (55#) I can't remember if I progressed to 55# or 60#. I think it was 55# max. 

Bulgarian Split Lunge4x10,10,10,8 ES (15#,15#,20#,25#)
Step Up4x10,10,10,8 ES (same #)

1 Minute walking lunges 25# DBS 

Leg Curl4x12,12,12 (40#,45#,45#), Dropset (#80,#65, #50, #40, #20)
Glute Cable Kick 4x12,10,8,6 (60#,70#,80#,90#)
Leg Extensions 2x28 method (around 60#?), 2xDropset (max 115#x5reps)


75 minutes power vinyasa yoga! 

What have your workouts been lately? 


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